MUET Examination

So you see I changed my blog layout. Like... this time, I think it's cooler. Than before. Though I must say that I really love the previous one.. cuz it kinda reflects me more. Never mind. I'll try to get that back. No matter how. I'll try. That's me, whenever I want something, I WANT IT AND I'LL GET IT! Unless it's something that can't be change by me.. something under the power of the Almighty Allah. Well, that one I guess I have to accept. Or I lost my passion in getting it. Anywayyy! That's not my purpose of writing here.

Yesterday I had MUET for the first time. I hope not to have to do it for the second time. huhu

On the very 12th of October 2010, I planned to go as early as 9.00a.m. when my session would actually start at 11.00a.m. . Yes, it is early. But I end up going there from home at 9.30. I hate it when what I planned didn't work out. No need to remember that. What's in the past, stays in the past. :)

So..finally reach at SMK Raja Ali almost 10a.m. sharp. And when I was there, kinda blur where to go. So I asked this one teacher where to go and she showed me the direction. So blablabla that guy said 'bole masuk pukul 10.30 nanti'. Since my session was at 11am kan. So I went down again (it was on the 1st floor. Thank God no need to hyperventilate climbing up the stairs. haha) and look around the school... thank God (Again! :D) that I brought my Newsweek. Looked at some vocab. And knowing that I'll be boring with nobody in sight, other than the school kids, I posted in my FB as my status:

'Will be reporting LIVE on MUET from SMK RAJA ALI. ~Nyna Roxford~'

Hahah Then I saw one guy. Adult man. Okaylah. Perhaps he's doing MUET too. And then there's this school kid (okay. not actually kid, but i think they're upper six students looking at the attendance paper later, most were born in 91. so yeah. haha) walk past in front of me and they sat next to me. Then comes two girls. They smiled at me like a student to a teacher. I smiled to them like a teacher to her students! And I love the feeling! Oh gosh... Suddenly I feel so inspired to become a teacher! Suddenly I feel like these kids needs to be changed their attitude. They need to see what the country needs from them! Oh-kay.. I think I'm getting carried away here. haha Then came this one girl who was kinda loud. Hahah But thanks to her, I can silently hear their conversation while I continuously pretending to flip the pages. *evil grin* Hahaha

She was saying to her friends 'You don't arr arr arr (stutter la) cuz they will deduct your marks!'. And I was like, thank you for the tips young lady. In my heart of course. Then, I can barely see any girls. I was like, WTH???? How am I gonna talk if they're all men??? :/ *ehem.. cuz I'm not use to being around  mEn..*

Now, now people. Don't be scared like this lady. ahah Chill mannnnn Chill babe!!!! :DD

So, finally there's this one Indian girl... THANK GOD ade girl! And another Chinese girl. I was in the same group with her. Anyway, lemme tell you what to expect:

When the time comes, they'll tell you to come into the quarantine room.
Before you were seated, you will have to sign on a paper as your attendance.
Then you will be seated to wait for your turn.
During my session, there were 4 group. Mine was the last. So... bear in mind, you MIGHT have to wait for more than an hour before your turn comes.
So, bring in some snacks or light food just so you will not be hungry.
They will call you group by group.
Meanwhile waiting, perhaps for the muslims you can recite selawat or al-fatihah or anything to make you calmer and for those non-muslims, I'm sure you know what to do to make yourself calm. :)

So when you're inside the room,
they will ask you for your IC and SLIP (the one they send you to your address?? Yup. that one.)
They will provide you a piece of paper and a pencil.
But it's okay to bring in your own stationaries.

What's the procedure?
It seems that some of us don't know the whole procedure.. so I'm telling you this.

There will be TWO(2) parts; Part A and Part B.

Part A:
INDIVIDUAL presentation.
You will be given TWO (2) minutes to prepare and
TWO (2) minutes to present.

Gentle reminder for part A:

  • You CANNOT help your friends/group member during this part. Because this is INDIVIDUAL presentation, must I remind you. :)
  • For this part, they will give you a situation, specifically for you to answer.
  • About 2 or 3 point is enough for this part. 
  • Everyone will get the same question, but different specification to answer.
  • For example:
What is the best way to encourage your child to read more?
Candidate A: buy more books for them
Candidate B: bring them to the library every week
Candidate C: give them reward if thy finish reading a book
Candidate D: set up a mini library at your home

So you see, every one will get a different point to give their opinions, but under the same matter.
In part B, you will discuss ALL the FOUR (4) point given to each candidate, to determine which is THE BEST way to encourage your child to read more. This is just a situation to make you see the clear picture of it.

Part B:
You will be given TWO (2) minutes to prepare and
TEN (10) minutes to DISCUSS.

Now, reminder for Part B:

  1. You CAN help your group member if they seem to be speechless. Like helping them getting out the WORD. 
  2. If the first person who started the group discussion seemed to be carried away (talking too long), POLITELY interrupt him/her by saying 'Excuse me, ...' then continue with what you wanna say. Slowly bring it to your point.
  3. If you see any of your group member seems to be quiet/passive, HELP THEM, (yes, you can) help them by saying 'So, what do you think Candidate A/B/C/D?' at the end of your elaboration.
  4. No matter how long you've known your group member, or you happen to be with your friends or teachers or neighbours, you MUST call them 'CANDIDATE _', NOT THEIR NAME.
  5. This is a DISCUSSION, NOT A DEBATE. But you can ask questions, clarify things (in case if you're not clear, you can ask your group member to repeat, or to clarify it, make it clearer for you and others).
  6. Don't be too aggresive.
  7. There should be one person who should start the group discussion. From what I learn in TESL, we call them 'The Leader'. Usually, the leader will get extra mark provided that they are not DOMINATING/ CONQUERING the discussion to themselves. Now, don't fret.
  8. Usually, the leaders will do the #1 and  #3 as above. Because they LEAD the DISCUSSION TO A CONCLUSION. NOT CONQUERING OR DOMINATING it. 
  9. Even if you're not the leader, you still cannot DOMINATE the discussion. I'm saying this for your own goodness sake. This is a GROUP DISCUSSION. Every one must have the right to speak. 
  10. And try to take turn properly. This is also to avoid you from doing the talking most of the time. The examiners won't look at you as 'Whoa. She got lots of points. Extra marks!'. NO. Instead, they'll look at you in a way that 'She's so self-centered. Doesn't give chance for others to talk. She doesn't KNOW how to discuss in a group. Hmm.. deduct mark!'. Okay. I might scare you know. haha
  11. Ypu can make-up. But not too heavy yea.. I'm sure you don't want the examiner to be distracted with your make-up and give more attention to the points you SAID.. hehe 
  12. Please, do come at least earlier one hour than your session. You don't wanna take risk, do you? ;)
Also... other tips during the session:

  1. Smile. :) No matter how nervous or stressful you might be, just smile. :)
  2. Have confidence. Miranda Kerr once said 'Even if you're not confident, just show it. And it'll somehow come to you'. The words are some thing like that. Just, show that you're confident.
  3. Relax... take a deep breath.
  4. If possible greet some of the people who are taking the MUET together with you. This can somehow reduce your nervousness.
  5. And... if possible too, try to speak English with them. By right, you should have start speaking English a few weeks or days, at least before your examination day. But not to worry.  Because what matter most is..
  6. THINK POSITIVE!! Really. Imagine you're sitting there and you can speak well, ideas come flowing to you. Think 'I'M GONNA NAIL IT!'.. 'I CAN DO IT!'.. 'I KNOW I CAN DO IT WELL!'. You have to believe in yourself before others can put their faith in you. So, believe you can do it! This is all the power of mind. What you think, is what you are. :)
  7. Oh yeah! I almost forgot. This is superduperextravaganza IMPORTANTE *spanish accent* haha: THINK IN ENGLISH! Yes! Even my lecturer said so. 
  8. Okay this is really, REALLY IMPORTANT (don't ask me why the ones important are at the bottom most of it. haha). DO NOT FORGET TO BRING YOUR IC and THAT SLIP they sent to your address. IM-POR-TANT! :D
  9. Sleep early the night before. Have breakfast the next morning. You need to be fresh. Don't worry too much on the question. For me, and some of my friends, we think the question wasn't really based on current issues. Just that it involve common sense. Meaning, it's a topic everyone can talk about. 
  10. PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND PRACTICE TO SPEAK IN ENGLISH. Okay, I know I've repeated this many times though. haha Just to emphasize how vital it is to get your mouth used to the language. :)
  11. Oh yeah! Again. -.- haha For those who are confused with the greetings.. from 12p.m. to 2.00 p.m., we greet Good Afternoonafter 2.00p.m., we greet them Good Evening. I remembered it just seconds before I entered the room and thank God for Zhafa helped me by Google-ing it! HAHAH Definitely feel like on a mission or something at that moment! Mucha gracias seniorita!!! :DD
Oh! About the dress code. I think..

Safer to wear baju kurung. With proper shoes. Or you can wear other than baju kurung, but make sure that it's SMART okay? First impression DOES count. ;)

Shirt and slack pants. And proper shoes. And by shirt I didn't meant this:

but this,

even this little cute fella know how to dress nicely and CUTE too, so why can't you?? :)

Hmm.. I think that's all la kot. Haha If you think I've left out any important points, please do let me know ya! Lets help others! :D

P.s.: Oh my... panjangnya post ni!



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  6. im having my muet exam tomorrow . wish me luck !

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