Minutes Seems Like Seconds

Well... last night I had a lot of fun. And I mean A LOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT of it. Haha
Thought of getting WILD and HIGH last night.. Hahah Finally, my wish came true. Saw a status posted by one of my TESL senior.. something bout a DARE. huhuhu I've been waiting for a dare for sooooo long. Here, take a look at it:

1st person to like this, u will be my profile pic for 24 hours 2nd person, ur last name will be my last name for 2 days 3rd person can dare me to do one thing 4th person, I will say I'm in a relationship with u for a week 5th person, I will write on ur wall saying that "I LOVE YOU"...6th person, I will answer any quest...ion from u.*Put this as your status. if you're brave enough* hahahaha

So you see. How can I not be tempted to post this as my status?? My spirit was flaming high at that hime! My energy is more than a cheetah can catch up another cheetah.


Yeah, maybe some will say 'Ala! Nyna cakap je lebih. Suruh buat tak mau!'. Ya.. I understand. And I know why. Cuz I wasn't turn on at that time! I mean... not turn on as in THAT turn on. But my WILDNESS wasn't turned on. Hahaha Okay enough on that. You'll only get confused.

So... after I post up, here's the result!

1st like: I have to take his/her profile pic as MY profile pic for 24hours!
Goes to: Adam Loganathan a.k.a. Adam Zulhilmi

2nd like: His/her last name will be MY last name for 2days!
Goes to: Haziq Asyraf

3rd like: That LUCKY person can dare me to do ANYTHING! hihihi
Goes to: Fara Aisyah! (thank God! haha)

4th like: I'll have to say I'm in a relationship with him/her for A WEEK!
Goes to: Faiz Rozlan 

5th like: I'll write on his/her wall 'I LOVE YOU'.
Goes to: My dear Dyanne Diyana! :D

6th like: I'll answer ANY question you ask me! Just ONE! :)
Goes to: err.. nobody liked yet. hahah So, I'm save for now. haha

And later... gosh! My wall was crazy for the nyte! HAHAHA

Yeah. And it's NOT AFIF OR SHU! NEITHER!! 

Whatever you wanna say, Hell to you! I'm having FUN. And you're not. I know you're just jealous! *winkwink* 


  1. hahahahahaha !!


  2. HAHAHA Button like tu bole di-click ye. hahaha
    nak like!like!like! jugk!!! hahaha


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