An Insightful Insight.

Had quite a thoughtful journey this morning. I went to the hospital to accompany my mom doing her physiotherapy appointment. This is my second time. I kinda love accompanying my mom going the therapy treatment. While waiting, you might not know what might come to you, happen before your eyes and open your mind.

As planned today, I'm going to accompany my  mom to the hospital and later hang out at Coffee Bean in KL Sentral. Haha To tell you the truth, I've been wanting to hang out here, in Coffee Bean. Not that I've never done that before, but I want my time alone, just me and myself or with Ibu, and just hang out and read a book and sometimes just have a look around at your surroundings.

I'm thinking that KL Sentral is my new place to hang out. I'm loving it. Other than the fact that it's just a 5 minute drive from my house, there're also a lot of... you know.. MS (Mat Salleh) here. Hihi! And now I'm in Coffee Bean. Enjoying my time. Alone. :) Well, no big deal pun lepak kat Coffee Bean. Others lepak kat Starbucks. But I prefer Coffee Bean more. :)

So, back to my story! haha About the hospital thingy. haha Erm... what about it ya? Oh! While I was waiting. There come this two lady. One old and one young. They're mother and daughter. The mother can barely walk, like, she had to depend on her daughter to help her with her walking. Me... since I was little, I was thought to shut up (especially when older people are talking. haha), so what else you do when you shut up? You observe! Yes, I am an observer. Usually I observe people around me. The way they talk, the language they use (it really shows their mentality and the depth of their thinking), the way they act, the way they eat, EVERYTHING! It gives me... a little in sight of who they really are. And it never fail to excites me. ^.^ haha

You see, from my observation, she wasn't really that wholeheartedly, sincerely taking care of her mother. But I don't know what's in her heart, really. And besides, who am I to judge. I'm just an 18 years old girl with mere observation. From the way she holds her hand I already knew. Somehow.. I feel quite sad, pity for her mother. Well, there were not just me, but also a few other elder women there. Being the friendly elder people, of course they chit chat with each other. Changing stories of what got them here and all the pain. Seriously, when I listened to their stories, I couldn't stop my face from showing the "ouch" expression. Those who know me should know that my face is the window to my heart (other than my eyes. lol). I can't hide what I feel. Happy, sad, angry, you can know it all just by looking at my face. haha That's... one of my weakness. haha Okay! Back to story! The conversation, really made me realise the important of your health. Drink a lot of milk. You need built up calcium when you're older. Be healthy. Exercise. God. Ibu, Nyna nak pegi gym!!!!!!! Nyna dah boleh bawak kereta nak pergi gym!!!! My body is shouting 'Lets get healthy baby!' XD

She's wearing a baju kurung. And must I say, JARANG! Though she's wearing a tube inside.And a pair of shoes fit for a majlis kenduri. haha I thought, this girl nak pergi kenduri kahwin ke nak teman mak pergi appoinment doctor? And we chit chat. Yes, I'm included in the conversation. Chitchatting with the elder, it's much easier though because I think, all you have to do is listen, nod, and just give a little bit of response (some words, just a simple to show that you listen). I find talking with peers or friends with the same age, more like... suffocating. They expect me to response. Haha And all I can say is 'Tau tak pe' or 'Kannn' when I actually don't know what to say. Hahaha Ops! Secrets revealed! Lol. Gosh.. I think people will start to think me as an old lady trapped in abody of an 18 years old girl! Anyway, I don't even look like I'm 18. So, why bother. As long as I don't have any wrinkles, then it's okay. Hahaha

And so the lady told me.

"Ni lutut sakit. Badan besar tapi tulang kecik. Ni pun dah kurus sikit. Ada la hilang dalam 10 12 kg. Ni pun kurus dah sikit".

I just smile and laugh.

"Makan pun, dia (pointing to her daughter) cakap 'Mak makan biskut dengan air je la ya'. Makan la biskut. Tak masak nasi kan".

She wasn't saying in a sarcastic way. More like... in a softer tone. I'm sure she didn't mean to insult or embarass her daughter. If I were her daughter, I would be ashamed if people know that I don't treat my mother well. At that moment, when the mother said her daughter only gave her biscuits and just a drink, I felt really sorry and pity for her. Come on la, if you can look all pretty going to the hospital, can't you at least, cook some rice for your beloved mother? (If it's about financial issue, then it's a different stories. But still, can't you cook her some rice?? Biar pun satu pot nasi je.) The mother who carry you for 9 months, in pain, and stay up late night feeding you, taking care of you? The least you could do is cook some rice and just make a simple omelette is enough. If you're THAT lazy. Right at that moment, I felt so sorry I think I was trying to control myself from crying. Haha. I thought, I don't ever want to that to my mother. No way. I won't let her starve. Please, God. I don't want my mother to just eat biscuits and water just because I'm lazy.

You know what, knowing that her mother can barely walk, she had to guide her, I'm sure the daughter had to bath her mother (itu pun kalau dia buat. wallahualam), and dress her up. And looking at the mother, she looks fine. Fine enough, but I think she can do more with her mother's tudung. Kasi la lipat elok-elok sikit. She's your mother for God's sake!

You know one thing, I'm starting to think that most girls who dress up well, yang lelaki semua dok kata hot tu, some of them... they don't even know how to take care of themselves! Harap muka je cantik, baju branded, sexy mexy, tapi bab cleanliness, hampeh! Bukan semua, I'm not saying all. SOME. Sesetengah je ya. And some are just a bunch of air-head people. Sorry, but if you wanna be hot, make sure you're brain is hot too yah? Cuz to me, smart brains are definitely a turn on. *ka-ching!* Haven't you heard, SMART IS THE NEW SEXY?? Well, even if you knew, it's not so new now.

So, the moral of the story is;

  1. Be nice to your parents. Doesn't matter mom or dad, if you have both, you should be grateful to still have them. For the Muslims, don't forget to pray for them in your doa every time you finish performing your 5 daily prayers. Doesn't matter if they're alive or dead, by praying for their best always, Allah will show you your door to more rezki. And for non-Muslims, God will pay you for your kindness to your parents.
  2. If your parents are very old, couldn't even take their own bath, couldn't even eat for themselves, be nice to them ya. Show kindness.
  3. Be sincere in taking care of your parents. You might not know when is your last time of seeing their faces, hearing their voice, to see that smile on their face (Seriously, my eyes are all teary already). 
  4. Be there for them when they need you. 
  5. Love your parents while they're still here, in front of you. If your parents already passed away, do doa for them. :)
P.s.:  I always feel heavy hearted whenever I see Ibu having to go to somewhere (regarding her job especially), and she had to rush there, and she's not using any mobile, had to walk. I feel heavy hearted just having to see her panting walking. She looks tired. How I wish I can have lots of money just so I can tell her 'Bu, no need to work anymore. Just sit back and relax. Let me do the work. Ibu nak pergi tengok snow, Nyna book ticket pergi France eyh. Kita pergi sama-sama'. She wants to go and experience shower snow. The last time we had snow, it's already on the ground. So, she couldn't feel and see shower snow. I wish I could utter those words to her. I want to be the one to provide her what she wants, and what she needs. But she won't let me. She wants me to finish my studies first. To work, I must at least finish my Foundation. I just want to make my mom happy. God, show me the way please.

P.p.s.: I told my mom, that if I were to become somebody in the future, someone successful, rich, I can just imagine her in her old wrinkle skin, wearing baju kurung or just plain jeans and t-shirt (the way she like it), with her white, clean, clear, Chinese-look like face and ask me in her old, shaky voice 'Nyna, where are we going?' and I'll reply with warmness (hopefully I'm still a nice daughter. haha) 'We're going to have our lunch. Ibu duduk elok-elok kat belakang ya' I said with a smile on my face. I'll wear her her seatbelt and she'll just sit behind there, in that big, black SUV car that I own. haha I imagine that. Hopefully it'll come true. :)

I know. This is also a reminder to myself. For me to my mother and mak long. I'm trying my best here. Pray for me. :)

May God bless you! :D

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  1. this is truly heart-warming..
    it's true.
    Parents are everything, we've became who we are now because of their care and attention since we're little..
    I hope the same as you are.
    That i'll be rich, living in a banglo,
    with my mom and dad,
    building an indoor jakuzzi for them (LOL, I wish XD)
    and and and,
    sending them to Makkah is a MUST :)
    Kita buatlah baik setimbun mana pun,
    I don't think that we'll able to repay them as much..


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