I'll Be Waiting For You

Hello people!! How are ya today?? Good?? Happy? Sad? Bored? I hope you're all in the pinkiest health of all! haha I borrowed Miss Sally's word. Hope she doesn't cut my mark for plagiarising. haha

Well, ladies and gentlemen! Good news!! haha I'm over him! Like, totally!! I'm not falling for him anymore. Which is good. Considering the fact why waste your time, memory, emotion, and life thinking about him when he is 99% (I'm sure) doesn't think about me? Why make myself that... worthless for him? See? I'm not doing that anymore. I've said goodbye so many times, and this time, I mean it baby!! Hahaha

And... to top up on top of that. I actually.. *blushing* I'm thinking of somebody. Don't ask me who!!!! I don't really know his name yet! Ahahaha I know this is insane!!! *Pulling my hair down* Urghh!! Ahahah

It's crazy! It's insane! How can I love somebody whom I haven't met yet?? Yeah. How can I love my future husband without knowing who is he? Gila kan?? Bichoso!Bichoso!Bichoso!!!! hahaha

I don't know why.. but I have this one imagination of him. In my mind. He's wearing white shirt.  Definitely looks so smart in that. Like a businessman. He's talking to our daughter. At a sport event or something. And I'm smiling when I look at him. Just imagining him already makes me smile! GOD!!! I think there's something wrong with me. Hahaha I'm beginning to imagine my life with him. God... But they say what you think will come to you right? So, I hope I'm thinking the right thing. Hopefully. Ngehehehe!

I remember As saying 'Nina ni nanti mesti dia dapat laki yang handsomeee betul!'. I laughed and I asked why. 'Memilih sangat!'. And we both laughed. Hahaha Well, yeah. Look at the blood la! I'm O. O is very choosy. So, by nature, I AM CHOOSY. Muahahaha Erm, part of the reason is I want my kids to have a responsible father yea! (And yes, I do think ahead of time sometimes. And I already love my child(ren) even if they're not here yet. I know it sound insane, but think about yours. hehe) So, there is A NEED in being choosy! *wink!*

Also, Ahmad Sharil also said that he thinks I'm getting a foreigner. I was jumping in excitement at that time! hahaha Not that I believe, but just thinking of the idea has already made me jumping here and there in excitement. Hahaha Okay, not literally. LOL! XD He said a Mexican would suit me. Just because my name is Nyna Roxford and he's relating the noun Roxford with Rodriguez! Hahahaah But ya'll know I want a Br***** right... *wink!wink!* haha

Honestly, I know, Ibu will probably get mad at me for revealing this (which I know, for my own good) but honestly, I can't imagine myself being with someone from... one nation with me. I mean like, NO! I CANNOT! I don't imagine myself being with a ****y. So yeah. And that's what my heart tells me too. But who knows what could happen in the future right? So yeah. Like I said, I have my own imagination of him, and I like it. ;)

Though I've said this many times before, but I honestly think that my 'The One', is not coming here any time soon. Somehow, my heart is telling me that he'll be coming in my late twenties. Yeah. And my heart never lies. Let see, in my twenties. What'll happen. And that's IF God still gave me the chance to live my life here on this earth. Wallahualam. I just hope for the best.

Well, I think I'm naming him George! Sound like someone successful, mature, a man, a gentleman (of course) and.. a loving partner. hahaha

George, meet my dear readers.

Dear readers, meet MY George! :D

hahaha XD

This is better. But I'm afraid I might be having hallucination. Hallucination.. as in seeing him?? Or is that my mind call 'mind dating'?  Muahaha If it is, then it's cool la kan! Cuz nobody sees him, only I do. So we can practically do whatever we want right? *wink!* Okay, enough being naughty Nyna! haha It is imagination pun kan? haha I know I know there's no such thing as Mr. Perfect or Mr. Right in this world. Cuz nobody is perfect. Those characters are only real in novels. Which is one of the reasons why I love reading novels and writing one. Because everything is perfect in there! But like Aiman said, Imperfections are Perfect. We need to appreciate what God gave us. By that only we'll get more. :)

To You:
Hey You! I know you're out there. Somewhere. Hmm... I don't know your name. I don't know where you're from. I know nothing bout you. But hey, I'm waiting for you here. I'm waiting till opportunity gives us the chance for us to meet and be together. Ho yeahhhh!!!!!!! hahaha Okay, I think I sounded like one mad woman. HAHAHA XD

Here's for you. *wink!*

P.s.: Maaf, post hari ini agak menggila sikit ya tuan-tuan dan puan-puan. ;)

P.s.: Hari ni banyak sangat wink ye Nyna. Effect malam tadi. Sekali lagi, harap maaf ye tuan-tuan dan puan-puan! ;D

Cheers. XOXO,


  1. god! George! lol, mine sure is Sandra Bullock! bhahah,will support you Miss Nyna! go n seize him! *throwing rope

    take care of george,will ya!

  2. wakakakakakakakakakakakakaa!!!


    like this nyna! like for infinity!

    p/s : good luck and all the best ^^

    OMG Nyna...
    Reading this makes me jumpy as well. keke

    Anyway, I'm O as well! :D

  4. OMG! GOERGE!! i LIKE sgt sgt tau!! white shirt?? emmmm, next time if we meet someone exactly like what you described, we call him George!! ooww, i can't wait to meet him !!

  5. Shahril:
    HAHAHA Thanks yaw!! I sure will take good care of him!! *winkwink!* XDD

    Hahaha I'm so freaking happy to know that!!! muahaha Thanks too!! ;DD

    Hehehe Good! So we can jump together!! Muahahaha Really?? Hello O!! ;DD

  6. Miss not mister:
    HAHAHAHA Yeah! But I'll bet we can't find him near..well, around us now. He's somewhere... 'OUT' there. *wink!* hahaha You call him George, but my George will definitely be the one that I imagine. And if I happen to meet him, in real life, that would be HO-MY-GOD!!! hahaha XD


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