I Hate It When I Get Emotionally Disturbed So Easily.

People have their own thoughts. I respect that. I respect you, provided that you respect me.

People. I used to be sick of people. They never knew how to please other people, respect others, being selfish, greedy, narrow-minded and you can list all the flaws of a human could have.

But then, I am a human too.

Am I really human?

Do they really have humanity?

Human sometimes are not human. If they don't own humanity.

It's the humanity that makes us human.

Sometimes, I'm too sick of being around human. That's one of the reason why I love being alone.

I once wished that I could live in a jungle. Just me and the nature. And I get to listen to birds chirping every morning.
And feel the warmth greeting from the sun through the spaces between the leaves held by tall tress. Lovely.

Yes, the reasons why I put these walls around me is so that I can know who is brave enough and love me enough to break it and enter this space, this little fragile heart of mine.

Also, it is a place where I hide all my feelings and shouting and tears that come flooding and drown me in.

Guhhhh get up Nyna!!! Positive! Positive dear!!!

P.s.: Listening to Hero by Enrique Iglesias.
P.p.s: Terlalu negative sekarang. I need emotional support and words of wisdom. I can't even fake a smile now.

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