Happy Birthday Nyna Roxford | Part 3

Hello hello people!!!! hehehe

It's sunshine today!!! And I'm lovin it!! SOOOOO MUCH!! :DD

I know, this is the third post I made regarding my birthday, after the Happy Birthday Nyna Roxford | Part 1 and Happy Birthday Nyna Roxford | Part 2, but mark my words ladies and gentlemen, cuz this is the last one. Yup.  Sadly, it is. :')


Last Friday, me and my mom, we went to celebrate my BELATED birthday. Which was suppose to be held on 22nd of September. But had to postpone due to various reasons. hihihi

Thank God, I finally get to celebrate it with my one and only live, my soul; my mother. I don't need anybody else. It's enough if I can celebrate with just the two of us. So, as we planned, we head to Secret Recipe. At first, Ibu just want to go to SR at Pusat Bandar Damansara. I said, don't want la. Cuz the atmosphere.. is not that.. well, lively must I say. ;) So I suggested to celebrate it at KL Sentral. Yeah, yadayada. I love KL Sentral. So what? I love those places that have lil bit of the airport atmosphere. *winkwink* And besides, the SR at KL Sentral is more.. lively. More people. More choices of cakes. And of course, more orang putih. hihihi *wink!*

So, this year. Since it's my EIGHTEEN (18), yup, you read that right. I'm only 18 dear readers, and since I can't have somewhat va va vogue cake (thought of having a cool shaped cake, like a bikini cake..or something that represents 'I'm LEGAL, baby!'. haha but of course. Don't think the family would approve it anyway (whisper: especially if ade mak long. hihihi*)) So, I decided to have every slices of cakes available at Secret Recipe! How cool is that???? Hahaha Yeah!! I can taste all the cakes there!!

And guess what? I wore RED lipstick on that day!!! Like, whoaaaa!!! I don't how or what came to me that made me soooo into this red lipstick! Uhh.. I think I know why. There was this one night where I can't sleep, then it suddenly occured to me that 'Hey! Lets try red lipstick!', something at the back of my head was yelling. Then, without any further a due.. I get the my red lipstick on.

Hahahaha I know. I know. I took the pic around midnight. haha I was actually wearing the red lipstick and talking to myself (in mute, of course. don't want my mom to wake up) for almost half an hour and when I finally got tired (other than the fact it's creeping me out in case 'something' came out of the mirror and horror happens. -.- Okay erase that Nyna. ERASE! haha) doing all these modeling poses in front of the mirror, various facial expression I thought why not take a pic. hahaha Thought wanted to show ya'll the pic, on second thought, nahhh. Lets just keep it to myself. haha

Then I decided to wear this red lips going to celebrate my belated birthday and here it goes!

This one.. of course I edited a bit la. I want ya'll to see as much as how you would see me in real life. haha (whisper: and that's because I think I look better in RED in real life! muahahaha)

Told ya, if I wanna wear it, I'm wearing it! Don't care what others wanna say. Boo-yahhh!!! Hahaha

So, I do notice some people actually looked at me. Though I don't know what was particularly on their mind at that time (me no want to think negative), but hell! I feel sexy as ever!! Hahah XD

Now, who says people your skin can't wear RED LIPSTICK????!!!! Truth is, you're sexier when you're comfortable in your own skin! Seriously!! Doesn't matter you're wearing RED lips or not, you're sexy if you feel comfortable with yourself! Oh God, now I remember I wanted to post something about beauty! Oh wait for that my dear readers!! :D

Oh my! I almost forgot to put this other pic of me in SR. Bukan nak tunjuk tak pernah masuk SR, berkali-kali dah pun aku makan kat SR tu! Just wanna share how I look like in my red lips in SR. MUAHAHAHA! The pic is actually a bit dark, had to brighten it up a bit. hehehe

It can be a bit confusing you know.. to choose 8 DIFFERENT CAKES!! 

So, here's a pic on the cake. Lemme tell you what I think of each and every cake here:

New York Cheesecake:
Nothing much to comment. Delicious as ever! Still, maintain it's position as one of my fav cake ever! :D

Caramel Pudding Cheesecake:
Not really my fav. But Ibu definitely replace New York Cheesecake with this one. She said this is better. Well, different people, different taste right? :)

Marble Cheesecake:
Okay la. Slightly lower ranking than NYC (New York Cheesecake). haha Nothing special sangat pun. Just the marble design. Taste, still like any other normal cheesecake. :)

Chocolate Indulgence:
Now, I have to say, this cake is TOTAL YUMMY!! But it's really.. you know, you'll easily get bored with this cake. Muak. :)

Chocolate Cake:
This one... nothing special. Just an ordinary chocolate cake. Layered with chocolate fillings. Nothing much.

Chocolate Cheesecake:
This one is slightly better than the Chocolate Cake. Because it's cheesy I guess. haha But, for me, it's, OKAY. Mhmm. :)

Golden Nugget:
Now, since some of the cakes I requested wasn't there, I had to choose what's in the displaying case. So, I thought, lets try something different! And without giving any second thought, I chose this cake. Not to mention, I kinda chose the wrong cake. I don't really like banana cake that much. Especially when it's combined with CHOCOLATE. Big NO NO for me. But I think, I end up with cake. Though it's the last. I can bear with it. haha It was the last that I finish. haha

And last but not least...

White and Dark Chocolate Cheesecake:
Honestly, this is an interesting cake. Of course, obviously it got white and dark chocolate cheese over there. It's got white chocolate cheese on top. But at the very bottom of the cheesecake, lies a layer of coffee taste-like base. Cool! I like it! The white cheesecake, taste like not much different from the NYC. The dark chocolate cheese too. Taste much like the CC (Chocolate Cheesecake). haha :D

So, all in all, which is better? Which is best?? Hihihi

So, the award, goes tooooo... *drumroll*



and last but not least...


So overall, I think the celebration was good. Perfecto in its own way. :)

Tq Ibu.. as usual, belanja Nyna makan. hihihi

I have to say though, this year's celebration was pretty much different from the previous ones. Firstly, I think it's because, this time we didn't go to Pizza Hut as usual. (Oh God, I'm craving for it already). Secondly, because... I didn't get any presents from anyone. Haha. Pathetic kan? Well, what can I say? At least Allah still give me a gift, no, GIFTS instead:

He gave me my mom to be able to celebrate it with me, this time. (God... I can feel tears at the edge of my eyes now.)
He gave me my mom to be there for me, and for me to be there for her.
He gave me life, to live up until now.
And to list it all, like stated in the Qur'an, the seas would dry to list out all the blessing, all the things, all the gifts He gave us.
I thank you Allah.
Thank you for still giving me my mom to celebrate it with me. That's a gift I can't ask for more. I'm extremely grateful. :')

Anyway, to all the girls out there, don't be afraid to shine out!!!! You're beautiful just the way you are!! Don't care what other boys say!! Listen to this;
Believe in yourself. Believe that you are beautiful just the way you are. FEEEELLLLLL ITTTT!!!!! I want you to feel pretty, comfortable in your own skin. Cuz nobody else will make you feel that if you don't let yourself. Please, girls? :)
Say this to yourself: I am beautiful just the way I am. :))

Say it everyday, in front of the mirror, in front of yourself. What you think is what you are. And must I say, What you say, is what you are. ;)

Whoa! *taken aback* Suddenly feel so inspired. hahah

P.s.: I think I like it red cuz it makes my face.. dunnoe. Stand-out perhaps? Yeah. Like I can flirt with my eyes. AHAHAHAHA

Cheers. XOXO,


  1. i heart choc indulgence ! and choc mud pie !



  3. red lips!! whoa! reminds me of gwen stefaniii! NICE!!!! Two thumbs up!! ;)

  4. Fara: jom gi mkn satu hari nanti lepas dpt elaun... waaahhh *sparkly eyes* haha tapi tak best ar... you da berempat.. nanti kalo i masuk.. berlima.. sape lagi sorg tu ye.. hehehe saje je nak nyibok i ni.. haha ;)

    zhafa: yes! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! :DD

    Miss not mister: ;) hahah Two thumbs up to you too babe!! you know, I really did the thumbs up when I read yours. hahaha XD


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