Happy Birthday Nyna Roxford | Part 2 & A Lil Bit of Announcement

It's October. Already. Thought I wanna make a post on September, my favourite month. But then I was too tired last night due to packing my stuff for about 3 hours straight right after IS exam.. and then yesterday, people came into my house to repair some things. Had to wake up early in the morning then couldn't sleep during the day or just to take a nap when they're here in the house. Like..urgh! Last night went to sleep quite early. I think I slept at 9, right after doing my Isya' prayer. Tired woo... Okay. That's not really my point here. Hahaha

Point is.. I have something, tiny eenie meenie mini moo to share with you. haha

This is for those who wished me on my birthday... very sorry if the pic is small. You know what to do, click to enlarge. hehe :))

I printscreen ALLLLL the wish you gave me on my wall.. as a sign of my appreciation to you by posting this in my blog. TQTQTQSOMUCH!!! ;D

As some of ya'll know, the asasi TESL students had their last exam paper on the 29th of September, which is... the Islamic Studies paper. It's not that easy being a student you see. We are easily vulnerable with unexpected desires or sudden attack of laziness. Below is an example how PROCRASTINATION attacked me:

Being a camwhore for a while. Haha
Sorry for the messiness. Haha I didn't comb my hair for that day since I was in the room alllll day long.. and okayh. Won't describe more of my ugliness. haha

Urmm... Thought I kinda had something to say, but forgot already. Haha Oh yeah! Just so you know, my dear readers, I will be moving... not moving my blog... but a part of it. My love life stories.. I'll be sharing everything regarding my love life (mcm la ade bf aku nih! haha), my experiences, most of all MY FEELINGS at here Confessions of A Fragile Heart. Do come visit eyh! Oh yeah. These... confessions... are not done wholly by me. I have a partner with me, Zhafa. Actually, Zhafa came out with this idea on creating this new blog. And I was like 'YEAH! Why not??' Haha  It's a really new, hope ya'll welcome us warmly.
haha Do come visit eyh and hope you'll like it! ;D

Urm... so that's all kot. haha


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