Last couple of nights, me and my mom we had a conversation.  Biasalah tu, girls conversation before we go to bed. Don't take this the wrong way! No no no! She's my mom. And of course, every parents and children must spend their quality time together. So yeah, we spend times at night talking mostly bout what happen on that day.

My mom would tell me about what happened at her office, who she met, things that my uncle do recklessly, my auntie going rage. haha And I would exchange with her, what are the funny comments I had in FB.. my blog.. my friends. So yeah, we chatted. Then we would laugh. Haha Sometimes, we would just lay there on the bed and think about things that happen around. We ponder. Trying to search for the meaning, reasons behind everything that God put us into. Trying to make us a better human being.

I remember back when I was younger... like age 10 or something. I always think that my mom doesn't love me. Well, I was a kid back then, what do you expect? Having child complication. Hahaha And I flip through magazines like Jelita, Perempuan, SDK la.. (yeah, I do flip through THOSE magazines when I was younger. hihi) and I always saw articles about how important for parents to spend their quality time with their children. And I always ask Ibu to read it. Hint hint la kononnya. Hahaha That was BACK then. Now is now. haha

Ibu: Nina! *with her hot-gossips-coming tone* Tadi Ibu jumpa orang yang kerja kat Mobicom (dunnoe the exact spelling. sorry) tu. Dia tu ada boyfriend rupanya..!

Info: That lady, she works at Mobicom, the same floor where my mom works. FYI, she is bigger than me, I mean, 2 3 times bigger than me! Seriously! Not that aku perasan kurus, but, SHE'S BIGGER THAN ME!!

Me: Ye ke?? Ala... *sambil wat gaya kuak-kuak kaki ala-ala swimming* Mane aci!! Nyna tak de pun!!

Ibu: Tapi ibu dah agak dah dia ada boyfriend.. tengok dari status dia kat Fb gaya macam ada boyfriend je.. teringat orang tu lah.. . Tapi boyfriend dia macam Mamak Muslim sikit.. gelap-gelap. Katanya dah 3 tahun.

I was like, WHOA! 3 YEARS????!!!! HECK!

Me: Tengok bu, macam mana orang macam tu boleh ada boyfriend, Nyna tak ada lagi?? *Sigh* Hmm.. Sometimes, I don't understand. If people can say me being luscious (you know who you are, just shut up! haha), then why no man ever approach me???

Ibu: *dengan penuh semangatnya* Sebab Nyna kan nak jumpa George!!!

Me: Hmm.. Ye la.. *in my head: GEORGE!!! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU???? YOU BETTER BE REAL!!*

So, George, tell me when you're gonna meet me?? Cuz I still can't believe that I still have no guy beside me. haha Sometimes, I wonder, am I THAT ugly??? Or do I give a Don't-come-close-to-me vibe without me even realizing it?? What? What is it??


Nyna! Enough. This is stupid matter. When it's time, it'll come. But when???


Alright! Yesterday, I actually don't wanna go out. Don't feel like going out. But my mom insist. On the way to and from Bangi, I saw two bakery shops where they sell stuffs if you wanna do bakery. I was like... WHATTTTT??? SAMPAI 2 SEKALI??? Pfft. Sini punyalah  susah nak cari. Yang ada pun dekat Ampang. And for me to go to Ampang, have to take Duke. Like, never mind.

Nway, I actually have something to tell ya. As I've said before, I don't... like any kind of worm or whatsoever insect. I don't like hydrostatic skeleton animals (though aku mati nanti pun kena makan dengan ulat, kena patuk dengan ular yang wallahualam besarnya dan sakitnya. err..). Okay, for those who didn't take Science stream, hydrostatic skeleton animal are actually animals like worm. Dia gerak macam ulat. Sebab dia memang ulat! hahah Okay. Hydrostatic skeleton ni, dalam badan dia consist of fluid. Die beza dengan exoskeleton and endoskeleton. Exoskeleton, nama pun ada macam ala-ala Exit, are animals which have bones, outside their body. Sounds weird huh? But, it's true. Examples are like crab... and I think ulat gonggok pun exoskeleton.  Sebab dia ade kulit keras kat luar tu. Euww. Endoskeleton are like us. Humans with bones inside. Unless you have a bone outside, I dunnoe la. Hahah And elephant.. cats, dogs. Hamboi Nyna... masuk Science kau pulak ye? Haha

Ceritanya begini!

Masa nak tanggal baju tu, okay, don't imagine me doing that. Just get another hot actress to help you with the imagination. Megan Fox ke.. haha

My mom, she yelled to me "Nyna!!! Nyna!! Ade ulat!!!"

And knowing me, yang sangat geli dengan ulat, I screamed too.

"Mane?? Mane??? Buang! Buang!! Tolong la buang cepat!!"

She was pointing at my arm. And so I like at my arm. Like hell shocked!! That thing is doing it's movement (you know, macam bila ulat gerak tu) ON MY ARM, MOVING TOWARDS MEEEEEEE!!!!!!

SCARY OWH-KAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Buang!! Cepat!! Buang!!!" And I shake shake my arm, just to make sure that thing is off from my body. Geli okayh??!! But when I think about it again, funny la pulak. haha

Reminds me of this one incident. Something to do with worms jugak. Haha I was form 5 that time. We had a camping trip something like that la. Tak ingat pergi mana. But we kinda have Chemistry Camp, those camps were done outside the school compound just so they could trigger our interest to study harder. Yeah, right. Haha

She screamed and was pointing something at the back of my body.

I asked her, "Nape?"

"Ada.. ulat ke gapow.." *with scared face* And being me, I automatically

"Ha??!!! Mane????!!!" and trying my best to look at my back like a cat catching its tail. I didn't see. Pusing lagi. Then, THERE IT IS!!!!

I screamed in fear.

"Haaaa tolong buang cepatttt!!!" Then I think she moved it using a ruler or something and that thing fell down onto the floor. Then I don't remember which boy throw it outside our place.

Phewwww~ Thankg God it didn't crawl on me. Like, exactly on my skin. If not... -.-

P.s. : They seem to love me. -.-
P.p.s. : Whenever I'm on alert mode, my skin get real sensitive and my impulses definitely know how to makes me safe. Even the slightest touch of the slightest flying animal, my hands are quick enough to make sure that it's off from my body. Don't test me.


  1. LOL,
    you're the same as I am, Nina!
    I freaking HATE insects like worms and such.
    terbayangkan kaki dorang yang agak banyak,
    and fluid-like movement..
    those insects better stay away from me if they wanna be alived for a long time.

    p/s: I think that your George is somewhere near. You just have to look for him. Maybe he's right under your nose? :D

  2. Lol never expect this post would end with worms ! hahaha because seriously, at first it's like about boyfriends and all, AND I THOUGHT you're going to share about guys approaching ya etc etc HAHAHA.

    Just realized the Title after reading the whole post lol anyway likes this ! (:

    Hazirah (:

  3. Nash: kannnn hahaha tapi I dengan ulat gonggok lain case sikit. Sebab I dah biada tengok ulat gonggok. Dulu masa time form 4 rajin sangat kena mandi dengan ulat gonggok tu. You imagine ada ulat gonggok yang mandi dengan you. Hahahaha XD

    Hazirah: Tehee!~ At first I thought of doing the bf part je, but then, that thing happened, tulis je la skali! haha Thanks Hazirah!!! :D


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