When You Left Me All Alone To Celebrate It

I came across this pic and I was.. starstruck for a moment. I thought, HOMYGOD! That's so trueee!!

Back few days, my family we had buka puasa together. I was happy. But tired. Ya la..jadi tuan rumah of course kena prepare everything ryte?? But since Mak Long dah penat nak masak, Uncle yang tolong masakkan. We had chicken soup. And the rest, Chik and Ayah Teh beli kan. haha Sorry, I tak masak sangat. hehehe I buat cake je tau. Ececeh! hahah

It wasn't the same nymore. Not anymore. When he's not here. Everything went well. Everyone enjoyed the evening. I myself was bullied by my lil cousins (Asyik main geletek je...ish, lemah betul!) Tak lain tak bukan, si Wani and Capie! My God! Tuhan saja yang tahu how it fels like if they come and attack me.

Anyway, it wasn't the same like in those days. Few years ago. I remember that night when me and my uncles and some of my aunties, we went outside the house to play bunga api. And Ayah De was tired he just sat down on the road. haha And I remember the moment when everyone was in the kitchen and he would remind everyone that my birthday is just around the corner. haha Yeah, he would. And waktu tu jugaklah boleh tengok siapa yang tak ingat. And usually Mak Long. Haih...dah hidup sekali 18 tahun pun tak ingat... Ayah De was my uncle who NEVER EVER forgets my birthday, he always give me presents and cards, he remind others of my birthday. One thing I really like about it and I TRULY REALLY appreciate it, is he never forgets my birthday. That, push out all the other factors. I don't mind what are the presents. I told cha, I appreciate the thoughts more. :)

And this year, I wait. And I wait. For who will be the next person, perhaps trying to remind others of my birthday. Nobody did. Nobody even brought up the topic. I don't know whether they remember or not. Sedih nya rase... Dah la this year celebrate birthday time EXAM! Waaaa... and I'm not with my mom. :(( Double sedih. I don't know whether my friends will remember it. Hmm...time ni la jugak nak rasa down. Tak de time lain ke Nyna?? haha

Hmm.. I said to my mom , this year, no need one cake. Instead, I wanna have each and every slice of cakes available in Secret Recipe (especially New York Cheesecake!) that will equivalent to the price of one big cake! Waaahahahahah... macam bunyi menyeksakan poket kan?? hahah tapi tu la... tak best la kalau tak celebrate on the day itself. And exam that day pulak from 2pm-6pm. Aiyoooo macha!!! Hmm... Macam tak fun je that day... Nynaaaa!!! Okayh. Okayh. I need to stop thinking negatively right now. STOP THE FREAKING NEGATIVE VIBE NYNAAAA!!!! dush dush. Okayh. I'm good. ;DD

Sorry for tonight's post. A bit of the ups and down. heh.

Oh, before I forgot, I wanted to post this vid of Capie, my lil cousin doing...erm... dancing?? hahah You be the judge! ;D

Actually, I wanna upload a vid. But I dunnoe why its taking too  long to be uploaded, and I decided to just, nah! post je! haha sory. :)
Psst! Sebenarnya Capie ade hati nak jadi Ultraman! kihkihkih

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