What's The Season Now?

It's summer time! Anticipation!~ *ala-ala nyanyi lagu HSM*

eeuuww. Never liked Zac Efron. Disgusted with Vanessa Hudgen. Sory HSM fans, I'm just not in the same mind as ya'll. huhu.

As you can see, got mah blog a newww skinn!~ Summer theme! Why? Obviously cuz I love sun! And sunshine! hehehe =D

Hope to change the from dull to fun and striking! Changed the songs too. No more oldies. No more lovey dovey songs. Lets get the ball rock and rollll!~ HOJYEAHHHH!!!!! ;DD

Nyna Roxford

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  1. jyeahhh! i despise hsm too! i want disney classics back! nowadays its all about teen brats prancing and dancing around :(


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