Thunder Struck

I'm writing this for Zhafa.. I thought of telling you this at Fb, since that everyone will read and know the whole story... I would rather write it in my blog. Cuz usually people are not stalkers like us, so they're lazy to click on the link. Haha

Zhafaaaaaaaaaaa................... :'''''(((

I'm so sad today.... Just now...
Went to eat with both my uncles... we went to eat at kedai mamak bintang kat section 7 tu...
I didn't eat anything...cuz I had one whole roti john panjang just now...hahah menggigil kelaparan sangat! haha
Then.... there was this one waiter...
At first, I thought, 'Handsome jugak mamat ni'
Then.... when I look closely at his face...
He looks soooooo much like him....!!!!!
The face... the jawline....EVERYTHING!!!
Thank God he was wearing a cap. Otherwise, I might say he looked soooo much like him. Jap. I think I said that just now. haha
Anyway... yeah. I looked at him for several time. Just to make sure that I wasn't dreaming...
and just to make sure that it wasn't HIM.
And yes, it wasn't him. :(
But then, it was AS IF he was standing right there NEXT TO ME!!!
I couldn't lie that tears did break down...and it was kinda hard to hide that from my uncles.
'Tough Nina... be tough. Don't show it'
At the same time... I had this one weird, a feeling that really hurts your heart... right in my chest!
I wasn't hallucinating, was I???

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  1. i cant imagine how similar the guy but i met/bumped into a guy who looks like him!!!
    kat bank islam!!!

    maybe he is the same guy?
    who knows???
    be strong nyna!!!!
    i hope that one day we have enough gut to spill the three words.


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