Scary and Shouldn't Have Done It!

Okay. I seriously need to post this out. Just for the sake of sharing this with you. haha

I was suppose to go to the UM Library to revise. But we went there yesterday... there wasn't any food court available around! Knowing that food is kinda like.. my PRIORITY.. I thought about not going there. But where can I go? So I went la to satu tempat ni. Then balik petang tersangatlah penat... After doing my Asar prayer, I terus tidur. And guess what??

I dreamt that I was pregnant (I think). Oh God... *_*
There was traffic jam.
And then... I think I was in a building next to a roof I think.. and I kinda saw... all this, doing this pose:
Ha. Something like this. And they kinda have that web thingy on their body. eeiishh. *shiver*

I was like..trying to ignore it. Besides, it was dark their colour kinda blend together with the darkness outside. Okay, lets not talk about them.

Then, ibu came into the room and almost screamed 'NYNA!! Da pukul 8.30 da ni!'.

Okay, it wasn't EXACTLY 8.30p.m. It was only 8.15p.m.. Still..??
I was confused as I woke up.
'Is it morning or night?'
And I look out the window, and see that it's dark.
Why gelap??
Malaysia dah tukar cuaca ke??

Thennnn after a few seconds only I come to the sense that IT IS ACTUALLY NIGHT! *bunyi cengkerik*
Huish... thank God still sempat nak Maghrib! Kalau tidak....qada' la nampak gayanyaaa...

Lain kali tak boleh tidur time dekat Maghrib ye Nyna..
Baiklah.. -.-


  1. masa dulu i pernah termimpi i was pregnant too. masa tu tgh demam panas. the funny part was, i woke from the nightmare and terus called my mum saying, "mum, i'm pregnant". masa tu tgh meracau kot. AHAHA imagine my mum's feelings time tu XD she straight away went back home and paksa me to tell 'who's the man that did this to you?" AHAHAHA

  2. HOMYGOD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA then what did you do to convince her that it was just a dream?? hahahaha xDD


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