Rambling of A Fragile Heart of Mine

Came across this pic and I wonder 'When will I be able to... break free and just CATCH it??' 

I know what's in that silence..
I can read your mind..
I can read your facial expression
I read your body language.
Words seem so dishonest... so untruthful
I know your true colour
Cuz I've seen them
Sometimes I wish I don't have those abilities
I don't want to see it
But it's open only to my eyes..
And few those who can see it
Share my sight
Can I tell you the truth?
I know why.
You can't accept it.
You won't accept it.
Cuz you always think
You're right
You're the best
You're straight
But dear fact,
Life is abstract
What you see is not what you get
Go through those mud
You might suffer now
But those suffer is a good memory
Like Allah always said;
What you hate is not necessarily bad for you,
and what you love is not necessarily the best for you
I have my few regrets for the past 1 sem
A regret /RegretS??
Too many to answer but
I've learned it all
Thanks to your true colour
I know what you are
A fool I have been
To myself
For letting you come close
I was wrong
My sacrifice wasn't worth the price
Never looked at, never appreciated
I'm taking it back
To neutralized
What you've acidify
I need pH 7.0

*This is not a poem... and not an attempt of trying to create a poem. Just something came out of this little fragile heart of mine.

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