Please Learn To Accept or Respect Other People's Thought


Well, at least one of the best. You see, I once told you in my previous post that I can't stand people who CAN'T ACCEPT or RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE'S THOUGHT. Even if you disagree. Guhhhh!!!

If you disagree with people's thought on something, couldn't you just said, i don't think so and give your reason out why and then just SHUT UP for God's sake! You, you wanna know what I think about you? Well, guess what, I think you're the kind of person who always think you're right. Like, you're the modest girl E-VA. As if. Huh. You're the kind of girl who... never wants to listen to others. You only think from 1 side. You only see from one angle. Which is sooo narrow-minded of you. 

Seriously. Aku malas nak cakap panjang-panjang. Bukannya korang paham. Bukannya aku ada orang yang nak baca pun. Bukannya korang paham apa yang aku rasa. You'll never know and you'll never understand. 

I know YOU'll said this 'Peduli apa aku??! Yang dia nak terasa ape kes??! Lantak dia lah. Eishh.. tak de masa aku nak layan dia'.

Hahaha I know you very well dear. You're so easy to read.

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