Oops! Now That You've Seen, Shh!!

Today is a good day. =) The sun set beautifully. I felt good. Hahah Of course.. after having a great conversation with Dyanne and Faiz. Funny, memorable, witty and .. must I say, it was a hell of a fun of conversation!! ;D

Up till the part where my NAUGHTY and WILD side has been exposed to the world!! *with that hand covering your eyes as if the sun just shine out on you*
I don't know how it went.. but suddenly all this 'Grrrr' and 'Aummmm' came out of me. And the spirit eventually got onto Dyanne too. haha She's telling people from her status, something like "I can kick you outta my FB and Blog anytime I want. So don't mess with me. Grrr" hahaha with the grr tu!! I hope the spirit will keep on spreading around. haha I would be certainly happy if I'm in this I'm-so-happy-you-ain't-gonna-break-me-down spirit inside of me always. Haha

I'm so happy. I feel so spirited that I feel like I wanna do E-VE-RY-THING! Plus, it's the exam season. FINAL exam must I say. And boy... it is soooo typically me to be having this I-wanna-do-every-thing-cuz-I-feel-inspired feelings EVERY TIME I'm having a big exam just around the corner. Really, sometimes, you can be your own enemy. Uh-uh. Mommy ain't kiddin' on that honey. *ala-ala cowboy version perempuan*

Due to my so called 'Inspiration', I'm thinking of;

  1. Writing a book. A love story, of coursehd!
  2. Become a writer (which is basically almost the same as listed in number 1)
  3. Bake and decorate a lot and a lot of beautiful cakes *the tone is like I wanna have lots and lots of kids* haha
That's all je kot. I'm trying to squeeze the juice outta my brain for ideas how to make my story interesting. haha Yes, I know. Nyna kuat berangan. Known since I was younger. haha

So, tonight, ladies and gentleman, lemme share with you my danceflooooorrrrr tonight!

First up, lemme bring you ladies and gentleman...

Yup. You read it right. It's Mr. Usher in the house babyyyy!!! He's so cool kan?? I watch his dance at the MTV VMA. And I was like *O* SO FREAKING AWESOME!! ;DD Like.. I wanna dance like him too!!! ;DD Oh and of course, Katy Perry is as delicious as always. Yummy! hahaha

Next, Imma put this in your dish. I present you...

Da sexy Taio Cruz!! Huhu!! But I think he can DO more in his vid. But it's col enough. I put my hands in the air sometimes! Saying A-YOO!! ;D

And of course... lemme bring you this supersexydeliciousyummy superstar, KATY... PERRY!!!

Laaavvv the video so much! And Katy being in the car.. against the wind.. is what I usually have in mind every time I listen to songs that's 'sunny'. Of course, I imagine me. Durrr! haha

So.. today was good, all in all. Definitely one of the greatest time I had. haha kembang korang bacakan?? Especially part yg atas kan?? haha

Just so you know, I love you guys! ;D

Peace yaww!!

P.s.: Oh, btw, tajuk sangat scandal kan?? Hahaha
P.s.s.: Yeay!!! Da pandai nak kecikkan size vid!!!! ;DDD (updated: 17th Sept. 2010)


  1. cool nyna~ love it!
    i wanna bake some cakes too!
    kta buat icing snrik nanti,,wah!cedap tuu~

  2. nynaaaa, the caseis different with me, everytme exm is around da corner, masa tulah gatal nak pegang novel. haahaa

  3. Dyanne: huhu! Thanx babe! ;D coolcool!! ;DD

    Yong: hahah tu la kita kan time exam, tang tu la sebok nak wat benda2 yg bernafsu nak wat time x exam. haha


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