Raya Rambling.

Okay. I know it's suppose to be raya, and all the oh-im-so-happy-this-raya-and-look-how-many-duit-raya-i-got post. Nahh... raya seems so... usual to me. Usual as in, there's nothing special anymore except for the fact that we're celebrating our victory for being able to complete our fasting during the Ramadhan. But *sigh*... I don't know why... but I kinda terasa hati dgn sesetengah mereka..

If you ask me what is the one thing that I REGRET most, I would say, I regret I went to MRSM Kuala Berang.
But to think about it again, I learned quite a lot of things there. Also, I felt that I wasted my time there.

You know what are my first impression of this MRSM students? I thought that they're awesome! Boarding school students! Of course they're awesome kan?? But heck NO!! I was really surprised to see how they are soooo how should I say this *tapping feet*, uncivilised?? I dunnoe. They are talking during the assembly. Moving here and there. TOTALLY no respect for the teachers, the principle talking in front. They talk, play and some of them even sleep during the asembly. And they're even provided with CHAIRS to seat on during the assembly! I mean like, macam ni ke M*****?? I'm not being racist here. But it's the truth. Living here in Shah Alam, where majority is the M****, I wonder, How are these people gonna improve, change their mentality?? Your attitude to your environment shows your mentality. Whether you walk on the grass, throw rubbish everywhere, or you even help to pick up rubbish and throw it in the dustbin, it ALL SHOWS YOUR MENTALITY!

You see, I didn't really enjoy my time there. As I don't know why, I found one of my ex-classmate posted a picture, which they put a big black dot on my face in the pic. I don't know whether they hate me cuz I did something or simply because I'm not as beautiful as any other girls there. Hek. Whatever. And now that same person who did that to me, gave me advice on the tudung issue. Seriously, aku pun ade kawan yang cuba nak berdakwah kat aku, dan aku rasa cara dia sangat sesuai dengan aku, sebab DIA TAK MENGGUNAKAN KEKERASAN, TIDAK MEMBANDING-BANDINGKAN, MENYAMPAIKAN DENGAN CARA YANG BERHEMAH DAN LEMBUT, aku yang dengar ni pun tergerak hati untuk buat ikut yang dia dakwah.

*Sigh* I'm tired to remember people who don't even bother to remember me. Anyhow, I just did something, which I've thought about doing it and I did it. I don't think I would wanna say Hi to them if they saw me live, it has always been me reaching out to them. This time, if you're really my friend, you wouldn't mind saying Hi to me first.

P.s.: Sory atas post yang begitu rambang.

P.s.: Maaf jika anda nak terasa. Itu hak anda, hak saya nak bersuara masih saya pertahankan, ini blog saya. Harap maklum.

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