A Note From The Heart

I have this one feeling for this one guy. I don't know why I feel embarrassed, ashamed when he's around. Dunnoe why. Up until now, it's been 2 times that we looked at each other. The first was at TESL Square, while selling cupcakes. We accidentally looked at each other. And the second time, yesterday. At the library.

I was on my way to the library when there's a group of guys in front of the library. Good guys la jugak.. haha

Din: Alhamdulillah... (he always said 'Alhamdulillah' loudly whenever he sees me wearing a scarf)
Me: Alhamdulillah... amin! :)
Din: Berpeganglah kepada hidayah yang Tuhan berikan... (and he said it in a good way)

That's the moment I saw shine in his eyes. The shine in his eyes. He was looking at me. And I too, looked at him. That look is just like a laser. It's capable of melting me down.

Me: Insya-Allah...amin! :)

And then I walk away.

Please God, if he's the right one for me, show me please. Otherwise, please let go off this feeling from me.

P.s.: This guy I'm talking about is NOT Din. Harap maklum ye. :) 


  1. amin.
    even though you are not wearing tudung nyna,
    but i admire you.
    you wear loose clothes.
    go nyna!!
    there's sunshine for everyone
    and 'hidayah'.
    go nyna!
    i support you friend!

  2. nyna i like.
    and can i ask if that GUY is abg MPP?
    (cemburu sudah datang)btw, i really seriously thought that you're talking about din. but never mine lah.
    Cahyok Nyna!

  3. zhafa:
    Thank you very much for your support zhafa! You're always there to support me. And I really, really, really appreciate that. :)

    about the loose clothes, I'll have to thank my mom and my aunt nampkanya.. but if you ever see me not wearing loose clothes mintak tlg tegur ye... hehe

    yes.. I'm thinking about it. Thinking and thinking. Insya-Allah. Amin.. =)

    haha THAT GUY is NOT ABANG MPP. No worries. Besides, whoosh! Mane pernah ckp dgn abg mpp. x de motif pun. haha nno...it's not him... and NOT din.. it's somebody... hehe :) hahah thank god i tulis p.s. bwh tu. kalo x mesti sume org ingt i suke din. haha


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