Hey. Why don't you see it from THIS side?

A leader... is someone whom usually, most people choose to lead them in certain matter.

I've been a leader before. Not exactly the 'head'. But I know how it feels like being under the microscope. Having to lead other people. When being a leader, people would watch every single thing that you do. People will observe you, from head to toe. Hence, that is why leaders have to dress up well. Politically, the have to gain respect, and to gain respect, is to make people respect of you. Guh, what am I crapping about??!

Now, I'm not going into politics here. Neither am I going to talk specifically about someone. I just feel like... telling people to try to see the other side of it.

You see, when someone was born in a silver spoon, it doesn't mean that they're always rich, or they will always get what they want, EASILY.

And I don't intend to 'deliver' this specifically to anyone.

It's just, have you ever thought of WHY he always ask money from us? Instead of using his own money? Yeah. I know his rich. But it's HIS PARENTS. Not him.

Now, have you ever ASKED YOURSELF, WHY HE STILL DOESN'T OWN A LAPTOP?? When you people say he's filthy rich. And you, including me, those ordinary people, ALREADY have ours?? Have you ever wondered why? Life it ain't that easy, dude.

What you see is sometimes not what you get.

Enough said. I'm not backing up anybody and I'm NOT attacking anyone.

Peace yaww!! ;D

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