Helllloooo people!!!!!!! Peace be upon you! How are you???? I hope everyone's is safe and sound! hahha of course! otherwise you won't be reading this! hahah

We must be thankful to Allah for He has given us the chance to be able to live, to breathe until this very moment. For what ever life has brought you, like it or not, it is what makes you who you are today. Hmm... that's why to live, is to embrace anything that comes in your way. Mother nature. Oh God.. you know what comes into mind when I wrote this? I'm imagining a woman, in a jungle, who is about to be killed by an enourmous giant machine of the greatest technology in the world. Sounds like Avatar. heh -.-'

Anyway! This is not what my topic for today. I wanna talk about..... SEPTEMBER!!!!!! Yeay!!!! Finally the month of September is here!!!! Ya know why wo ai September so much?? Cuz it's MY BIRTHDAY soooooonnn!!! Gifts gifts please... haha no lah. Joking only. :) I don't mind the gift, cuz I appreciate the thoughts more. hee.. but I didn't say I don't want a present ar... hahaha 

Oh. So my birthday is in 20days more!!! Hip hip hurray!!! Which means my birthday is on 22nd of September la.. haha And I've always thought that my birthday is beautiful. I mean, the number 22 goes really well with the month; September. Which also means...I'm a Virgin. Here's a lil post I did on me, based on my sign; Virgo. Which, I can say, it's coincidentally true!! haha 

Supposed I wanna post this yesterday, but time was so jealous of me haha Ya la... yesterday I got back to college around 11pm cuz we finished our replacement class at 10.30pm. Whoosh! It was quite a day for me! haha

Well, there's so much I wanna share with you but I'm out of words! haha 

Now I shall end this post with these;

Never be afraid to show people who you really are, because you yourself is starting to forget.


Till then, sayonara!~

Peace yawww!!! ;DD

p.s.: wahh.. I just realized that that could be my new trademark! the 'yawww!!!'  haha ;DD


What's on your mind is there for a reason. :)