Happy RAYA People!!!!!!! ;DD

Salam everyone from... a couch in my home at Ledang Resort. =)

I am currently eating kuih semperit, a different version of semperit from the one that's soooo freaking delicious, which there's only 2 left now. After... me and my mom, we 'attacked' it. err.. -.-

Okay. So that's not exactly why I'm typing at this hour for you dear readers out there.

Insya-Allah..we will celebrate the first day of Syawal this Friday. I know this'll get a bit cliche.. but anyhow..

Tua muda miskin kaya semua nya sama disisi Allah. Apa yang beza adalah tahap keimanan dan ketaqwaan kita terhadap Pencipta kita. Namun sama tidak bermakna yang muda tidak boleh menghormati yang tua atau yang tua tidak boleh menyayangi yang muda. Bak kata ustazah, adil itu tidak bermakna berada pada taraf yang sama. Tetapi adil itu diletak pada tempat yang sebetulnya, pada tempatnya yang sebenar, where it belongs. Ha,,, Nak kena oyak omputeh jugak baru puas hati berciter. haha Aih! What am I crapping about! 
Okay, okay. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any of my wrong doing to you..intentionally or unintentionally.. Whether I've hurt you physically, mentally or emotionally, I apologize. Any of words that struck your heart. I'm sorry. But sometimes my intention is to correct you cuz nobody is perfect, including me. We need to keep on reminding each other of things to avoid..or things that we could learn. Oh, well. Lets just cut it short shall we??


P.s.: I wonder when can I send Raya wishes from overseas... hmm.. one day perhaps.. Insya-Allah.. ;)

P.s.s.: Perlu berhenti disini kerna esok perlu membuat air untuk ibu dan mereka-mereka yang seangkatan dengannya.


What's on your mind is there for a reason. :)