Happy Birthday Nyna Roxford | Part 1

Okay. I actually wanted to post this as my status. But knowing that it’d be a longgggg post, I think I better make it as a blog post. Hahaha

So today... is my birthday. Hmm.. what can I say? Am I happy? Am I sad?? I know. But let me keep it to myself. So here goes the wish:


I thank you all for the wishes you gave me..Thankyouthankyouthankyou veryveryvery much! I don't care if it's FB that reminded you of my birthday, I truly appreciate the effort you made even though it's just click on the link and typing. I TRULY, TRULY APPRECIATE IT! TQSSM! Funny that I cried reading all the wishes on my wall. haha Seriously, it means more than the world to me!  I <3 YA'LL!! ;DD <3<3<3

Special thanks to Asmira who made her classmate 1B sang the Bday song for me, OUT LOUD!! You made my not so happy day happy dear! THANKS A LOT! Terbaek ah 1B!!! Aku sangat-sangat terharu walaupun kelas aku sendiri tak wish aku cam tu. Ye la… siapakan aku ni… Nyna Roxford je kan. Hahaha *Hugs for you As!!!* Seriously! Masa diorang start nyanyi tu, I was like… Are they wishing me?? Then, bila pusing, 1B was singing a Bday song for me!!!! OUT LOUD KAT DEPAN DEWAN DEDARU TAU!! Eventhough it’s exam in just a few MINUTES, THEY MADE AN EFFORT TO WISH ME BIRTHDAY!! TERHARU SANGAT-SANGAT-SANGAT-SANGAT!!! And then I stood up and say thanks. Though kalau korang tengok aku macam perasan, actually I was standing because I appreciate your wish to me. May God bless you all! ;D

Okay, yang atas tu untuk those who wished me. Yang bawah ni akan masuk under blog zone. So siapa yang nak stop baca, I recommend you click the X button above. Siapa rasa yang nak tau,please do  continue. Haha

So, nak tau tak pa birthday girl buat malam ni? Hahaha Korang jangan gelak atau nangis tau, sebab birthday aku hari ni aku rasa sangat pathetic. FOR THE WHOLE RECORD I’VE BEEN BREATHING THIS 18 YEARS! Seriously. Except for the part where 1B wished me. Though aku tak kenal SEMUA class tu, but yeah, I do appreciate it. Okay, since tomorrow ada test MS, I assume most of my friends nak balik awal baca buku. So, fine. I’ll just have the night to myself tonight I thought. And here I am, typing this THANK YOU post to all who wishes me and I’m planning to read MS after this, after I finish my dinner. Oh yeah, memandangkan tak keluar celebrate makan-makan, I thought, malam ni nak melantak kejap. Hahaha I bought two cappuccino… one nasi pattaya and one burger double bytes! Yummy!! Pathetickan malam birthday girl??? Hahaha Dah, aku tak nak memanjangkan post yang mem-pathetickan diri aku sendiri lagi. Enough is enough. HAHA

P.S.: DAMNIT! I hate the fact that my heart is so damn fragile.

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