A Glance In The Past

Before I have this blog ninablogistalking, I used to have another blog. Lately I suddenly remembered about this blog of mine. The name was Bloggy. Kalau rajin, nak tau sangat, silalah google ye. haha So, I scrolled down and down and down.. and I saw this one post. Of all the post I had, this one, I can still remember how I got it. The feelings of when I experienced it.

The title was ~♥dream kiss♥~. Haha I know there's love and blabla. haha This was posted on 24th January in 2009. Hahah Wait. It was just last year???!!  Why did I feel like I posted it earlier than before?? haha Never mind.

And yes, it was just a dream. Sadly. Gosh... everytime I read and read this, I can almost have that tingle in my heart. That feeling came back to me. I can't remember his face. But I know that I really want him. WANT. Do I love him? I dunnoe. The dream was just too short. Too short for me to understand how I feel and WHY did I do that.

It was sunny that day. Everything seems perfect. I want him. I really want him. I mean, right now. Hurriedly I went over to him, grab him and put my mouth over his. I can tell he was shocked. I kiss him out of sudden. But the main point, he returned the kiss. I put my hand to the side of his head, making sure I had the right position kissing him. It was a long, passionate kiss I’ve ever had. Man, I really want that moment again.♥

I can almost feel the sunshine... the intensity of it. The thickness of his shock against my lips. I can almost feel the desire in my heart. How much I want him. I can almost feel the returned of the kiss. Wait. I can almost feel the love he had for me. *O* Now I remember.

Truth to be told, I once had this feelings, a few months ago. Thank God, if I don't have what we call iman, I mean like, ZERO, I probably would've done it. Thank God He still loves me. :) Thank you for saving me.

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