From This Chair

Even if the weather is gloomy, it's always sunshine in my heart.

When the rain has stop pouring down
To keep you cold
To hold you in that feeling
In that memories
Don't forget
Allah created sunshine
For you
For me
For us

Hear this
I shall start my rambling, again
I like it when you're close to me
I like it
But don't be too close to me
If it's only for the sake of loneliness.
I want to be close to you
I want you to be close to me
Yes, I want to.
But please,
Can it be just me?
Oh wait. 
I know.
Other matters are messing
If I would want to have you
Things would be more complicated.
When will I have the courage to go run and grab it?
When will I have the courage to step out of my walls?
I always have the things I wanted
Though it's late
Since my wish is YOU
Can I have you?
I need an answer too.
Sometimes.. I wonder
Am I leaving in denial???
Sometimes.. I thought
I don't need this
I don't need them
I don't need you
No, I don't.
But why does my heart ask for it?
I myself am questioning myself
I'm wasting time on unnecessary, stupid, useless thing
That people call,
For all I know,
This is not LOVE.
I call it D-E-S-I-R-E.

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