25 Things You Need To Know About Me; Nyna Roxford

I was tagged by Aiman Asraf, an ex-primary school friend of mine. And I'm grateful that I'm stil in contact with him. Though it's just in FB. Anyhow.. I'm so so sorry Aiman that I did this kinda late... I da siap tulis kat note, then you know lah line kat college ni mana pernah nak excellent. Haha So, I decided to do it first in Blogger then I'll copy it to the note. In case if anything happen, I still have the draft here. Other than the fact that my dear readers could get to know more about me. hehehe

So.. 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about me eyh?? Here it goes;

  1. I FREAKING EFFING LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE SUNSHINE!!!! Somehow... the intensity of it reminds me of my old feelings... my old memories that were once in my heart before.
  2. I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE the colour BLUE!!! I have blue files, blue bed sheet, blue case, blue tissue box, blue towel, blue pails. haha EVERYTHING IS BLUE!!! Errr... but I don't my brain is THAT blue. hahah
  3. I have such an insensitive mouth... that comes along with a very sensitive heart. Hahah Those things shouldn't go well together, don't they? But people say it's the opposite that attracts. Really?? Haha
  4. I can eat a regular pizza all by myself. Yup. You read that right! ahaha 
  5. I hate MRSM. Enough said.
  6. I think I'm a quiet person. I'm more of... the kind of person who likes to just sit back and watch the drama around me goes on and by that, I tend to see the true colour, the way the people around me think about their surrounding. 
  7. I've never been in love, never couple, never kissed. NEVER. Thank God I was brainwashed that LOVE is not really a good thing for me, especially now that I'm studying. Besides, I think love is stupid, rediculous.. and being in love makes you waste your money, time and energy. haha I can never understand what people call it LOVE. 
  8. I'm wishing and trying to achieve being a novelist (other than being a lecturer of course). A writer. Doing chic-lit books. Of course... haha It's the only place where dreams can become reality. ;)
  9. I think I'm a boring person.. due to the fact that I'm a quiet person. Aha! I think that's why I need a soulmate (not a lover) who can be with me, talk with me in silence. Hmm..
  10. I despise hot or handsome guys. Most of them are just perasan, poyo. Like, hell-loooo!!!! Looking doesn't mean I like you dude! Puh-leez. You're just a nice object to be looked at. I know I'm not pretty and all that. But hell, any girl who see a guy like that, it's a total turn off. I think that's why I'm not attracted to handsome guys, unlike most girls.
  11. I'm wild. Inside. Yeah. It's a skin I rarely show off to people. Cuz I know not everyone can accept me, the way I can be sometimes. Sometimes I can be in the give-me-a-dare,-anything-Imma-do-it-baby! mood. haha
  12. I'm ambitious. Have a lot of dreams. I wanna be that, I wanna be this. Can I just be everything?? haha And sometimes, I thirst for perfection. :)
  13. I'm an only child. Do I look like I have siblings??? Hahaha Some people said I looked like I'm a sister! Like I have little sis under me. haha
  14. I love being alone. I think that's another reason why I'm still single. Being alone, you don't have to pretend, you don't have to.. be cautious of what you say, you won't hurt yourself. Even if you do, you know you still love yourself. haha Plus the fact that I don't really like to talk. haha
  15. I have this one genetic issue which I used to hate it. Really!!! Urgh.
  16. Can I have an E****sh guy?? haha
  17. I wish I can have lots of money so that I can learn how to ride a horse and own one, how to play piano, learn languages and so on and so forth.
  18. Honestly, and sincerely, I'm the kind of person who doesn't mind what you wanna do with yourself. Nak colour rambut ke.. nak colour kuku ke... Up to you. As long as I know what's right and what's wrong, I hope I'll stay out of it. Not that aku menghalalkan yang haram.. NO. I mean, kau nak buat apa, suka hati kau. Tapi aku tau apa yang aku buat, and it doesn't mean that aku tak cuba membetulkan apa yang salah biarpun aku tak sempurna. 
  19. I can't stand people who can't ACCEPT or RESPECT other people's thought and those who are soooo SELF-CENTERED. Pergh! 
  20. I have fear for height, dark, and anything slimy (snakes, worms, etc.).
  21. I miss my dear late uncle so much... I still think he's not gone.. He's still somewhere on this earth.. Somewhere around. He was my closest uncle.. the one who NEVER fail to remember my birthday.. IMY <3
  22. Since this is the 22nd, I'll say that I love the number 2, 9 and 22. Cuz it represents my birthday; 22 September . Hahaha
  23. I tend to appreciate the little things you do to me. A simple thank you would do. Or even a smile. :)
  24. Don't know how to wear kain batik properly. haha
  25. Used to wear sunglasses whenever I was asked to tumbuk cili padi. -.-

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