First Ever Award!!! ;DD

Okay, honestly, I don't know from where should I start. I feel honored at appreciated that I was awarded with an interesting award from Fifiey Lychee Maration through her blog here. You can say that the post was quite long and there were other awards too, for other people. So, I kinda start where I think I should start. So... here it goes! ;D

1. Say thanks kat orang yang sudi tag tu.. jangan lupe link kan skali yer.
THANK YOU SO MUCH FIFIEY!! Seriously, honestly and sincerely I feel HONOURED. And I really appreciate your award dear! ;DD

2. Tag 15 orang blogger yang anda pikirkan olala tropika fantastica bola bola! yaa reba ya rebba! hehehe (im just trying to copy the words. i don't know what it means pun. hahaha)

Ala.....boleh tak kalau nak tag banyak ni je??? hehehe

3. Kena bagi tau insan-insan yang bertuahkat atas ni menerusi chatbox diorang.
Fuhh! Will try a.s.a.p.. Tapi kalau diorang tak de chatbox?? Never mind. I'll think about it. lol ;p

4. Nyatakan 7 perkara tentang diri sendiri
Hmm... what to share ar??
  • My actual name is Nur Amalina Dayana
  • I freaking love blue. I mean, the colour. Not anything else, okay? LOL!
  • When I love one thing, it's okay for me to have that one thing for a long period of time. For example, I love pizza. I can eat pizza everyday in my life for.. perhaps a month straight of pizza?? but yeah, money is always the issue. hehehe
  • I'm a CBNer. Once a CBNer, always a CBNer! ;D Former student of Convent Bukit Nanas situated on the 'Pineapple Hill' right under the KL Tower nose. (AS IF that thing has a nose. lol)
  • I tend to appreciate the little things you do rather than the things you tried so hard to show. Get me??
  • Never been in love before.. never couple. Due to reasonS. Cuz I don't think I'm ready.. to be "attached". God, that sounds scary doesn't it?? haha
  • Handsome or cute guys doesn't attract me. Sorry. And I'm not gay okay??!
Sorry bout the 15 people tag thingy. Cuz I don't know who else to tag. Anyhow, THANK YOU so much for the award dear!! I felt honoured!! ;DD

May God bless you! :D

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  1. thanks so much nyna. you just made my day. see my new post abut this award!


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