In Search for The One..!

Frankly speaking, are you happy with your life now? Yes, for me. You know what, most people think that being the only child, you get to have EVERYTHING you want. For me, I think, it’s not that way. It depends on factors you see. Whether you come from a wealthy family... or you did something that you deserve to get that particular prize. As for me, I’m not from a wealthy family. Not that I’m poor. You can say... somewhere in the middle. Average. Anyhow, I am really grateful for what I have today, materialistically or not, I am deeply thankful to Allah for what I have today.
To tell you the truth, I am the kind of person who WILL TRY to get WHAT I WANT, NO MATTER HOW, NO MATTER WHAT, provided the fact that I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY WANT IT. But sometimes, I only let things that I can’t change, for example, the things that I can’t take control on, the things that only God can allow, ah that one, I HAVE to redha besides doa for I still get what I want. Okaylah, wo no want to pening-pening kan you you all lagi. Hahaha
As a matter of fact, I, have fallen in love with this pair of shoes. From Clarks. I know, I know. God... the shoes were fascinating! I don’t know how I’m going to express my words here, but.. dang! Okay, for a start, the shoes is obviously PRETTY, SOPHISTICATED, ELEGANT, and God knows what any other adjectives I can use. But... but....! The price!! It is.... quite ridiculous for a student like me! For a girl, who comes from an average family like me! It’s... it’s.. okay, I’ll reveal the price later kayh. Hehehe *evil laugh*

Obviously, knowing that I’ll have to walk ON THE ROAD; DAILY, FACE THE HEAVY RAIN; MOSTLY, Ibu didn’t really allow me to have it. She’s afraid it might get “ugly”, like wasting money on things that’ll not last long. Like the promoter in the shop said, “It’s more of.. the COMFORT”. Yes, miss, it’s not only about the comfort for me, it’s HOW IT EXPRESS MYSELF! You see, shoes for me, partly represents your personality. For instance, I have a pair of pink Camel Active shoes with a pink (obviously) ribbon on top of it. And I, without hesitantly wear that shoes, no matter what colour my outfit is, blue, green, black (uh.. do I have a black outfit?? Hmm.. dts). Yeah, I ‘m sure you get my point. I don’t like to wear a piece of shoes, just to go with the trend.

Trend comes and go. But STYLE, stays forever”, Anonymous.

Sorry, I put anonymous cuz I only heard it in the E! News. *Ka-ching!*  ;p

It was really hard for me to finally get this shoes. You know, after a day at Mid and The Gardens, searching for the THE PERFECT PAIR, I still couldn’t find it. And me and my mom end up going home with nothing. But, before we head home, I asked my mom to go to Bangsar Village since there’s the pair of shoes which I’ve had my eyes on since... like forever! Then, we went into the shop. And I saw the one that I want. And it’s actually RM***.00. -.- Oh God, how am I gonna have this?? I thought to myself. Ibu was like, tired, so she kinda like leave the decision to me whether to have it or not cuz the money is mine, which I am referring to the scholarship money. -.- Uh, I feel guilty.

I also got the chance to try it on. And they said, there’s only ONE LEFT! That time, I was like, Oh Gosh! Ni lagi la kena beli ni! Oh God... only He knows how hard shopping can be! God, I hate shopping!! Nah, there you go! Shopping always makes me indecisive. Especially buying those little things where you have CHOICES! (Though choices are good).

At last, I decided to have it. I decided to own it. So I took out my purse. I count the money (not literally in a Clarks shop la) haha. And then, I thought about Mak Long will surely nag at me for buying things which I can buy later when I have worked. You know... if you wanna buy expensive stuff, better wait till you have a job. Then only you can buy anything you want! Haha So, I thought again. Finally Ibu said; ‘Miss, sorry. She thought she wanna see others first at other places tomorrow.’ And I just smile. (Tepuk dahi). On the way back, I really thought about it.

I really, really, really need a pair of shoes now since my Camela has started to worn out already. Due to... well you’ve read the reasons above right? So, the next day we went to Sogo, still our purpose is the same, to find THE PERFECT SHOES. Then, we came across this one pair of shoes which have a similar design (ada tali-tali), and it actually look tough. Cuz the tapak was like, seriously masculine but still feminine. Hahah There, I tested the one with my feet size. And oh God... my heart feels heavy. That moment, I realized, THIS IS HOW IT FEELS LIKE WHEN YOU’RE FORCED TO MARRY, SOMEBODY WHOM YOU DON’T LOVE!!! I mean like, seriously!!!! Guh! 

‘Ibu, you know what I feels? It feels like I’m being force to marry somebody whom I don’t love!’

‘Well, you still gonna feel it even when I ask you to later’

Oh God.. Kenapa Ibu sangat kejam? Hahaha! Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be having a problem with that since Ibu knows my taste. Well, lets hope for that. Okay, we’re not talking about marriage now. Lambat lagi, perhaps maybe the next 12-15 years perhaps? Who knows? Hahah 

Right, our business. Okay. Then, last last Ibu fed-up. I did cry a little bit there when I know that I was going to have to let go of my love..  Noooooooooo.......!!!!!!!!!!!
*Imagining you have to leave the love of your life because of your family. Imagine... Imagine you have to marry the one your family has set-up with! IMAGINE PEOPLE!!! IMAGINE!!!! I want you to feel how I feel!!*

Then, when Ibu said ‘Fine. Lets go to Bangsar Village’. A part of me are happy, a part of me are guilty. Now that I can imagine myself wearing that pair of Sembonia shoes, Ibu asked us to go to Bangsar Village. I REPEATEDLY said to Ibu ‘Bu, jom la. Nina beli yang Sembonia tu je la’. And Ibu still mengeras (not literally okayh!) kata ‘Tak payahlah. Beli je yang dekat Bangsar Village tu’. Lalu, kami pun pergi menuju ke Bangsar Village.

There, in Bangsar Village, ON THE WAY to the Clarks shop, I saw THREE, yes, you read it right, THREE people carrying a Clarks shoe bag, on their way down the escalator with a satisfied face. Oh God, Oh God. Please let mine still be there. Honeyyy...... wait for me!!! 

*Imagine the heroin chasing after hero at a train station. Ala-ala Hindustan* 

On the way to the shop, I was crossing finger hoping that my love is still there. I enter the shop and head straight to the display shoes of my love. And I touch it. Just to feel it. Then, the promoter came and I asked for my size. Tried it on, and you know how it feels like?? It feels like you HAVE FOUND THE PERFECT ONE, and you’re HUGGING it. 
*Okay, imagine heroin peluk hero sebab akhirnya berjaya berjumpa dengan si dia and hero tak jadi pergi sebab heroin sempat kejar dia* 

Okay, that part, not literally. Yeah, it feels like that. Oh God. How wonderful it is. Haaa.....

I wear that shoes, the one that I’m gonna have, I’m gonna own and I look at Ibu. She’s trying to smile, I can see that, though I know she don’t really approve it. But then, Nina dah cakap dah nak beli yang Sembonia tu, Ibu yang cakap, ‘Tak payah, beli je yang kat Bangsar Village tu!’. So, Nina ikut je la walaupun hati Nina dah berat kat Sembonia. Mula ternampak hikmah la katakan...

At the counter, God, it feels like a little bit heavy handing those 3 notes of... oops! Secret! Of money to the cashier. RM*** gone! Poof! In exchange of my love. Well honey, I’ll sure take good care of you. I shall love you more and more and tender you and care you with all my heart. Thank you for coming into my life!

So... here's my Claire... 

 *Pictures credit to Zati my roommate for allowing me to snap pics of my baby Claire using her phone. =)

Chaiyok Nina! Now you have this shoes, you gotta make your effort here in TESL worth it!! STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE!!!!! Ye-haaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Okay, buhbye! CL is calling me! *winkwink!*

Ps: Just placed a pair of extra slippers in my locker for me to use it when it’s raining heavily, and keep my Claire, in another plastic bag.

Pss: Kerajaan bagi duit untuk BELI BUKU & SURVIVE! Kata-kata hikmah dipetik dari Ibuku tercinta.  =)   (Ye bu.. -.- )

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