I'm A TESLian Survivor Baby!!

Today is the second day of Ramadhan = Second day of fasting officially in the fasting, Ramadhan.

Honestly... and lately.. I've been really thinking. I mean, thinking about me obviously.
I wonder... what actually happened to me?? I mean, I used to be a girl who always have something in mind, something to think about.
I remember when I was in the back seat of the car. And it was somewhere near KLCC, I remember that I thought of WHY Allah created gravity? Why can't we just live without gravity? Why can't we just float? Why whatever things that is high in air, that's not laying on the ground, will fall? Why? Why? And WHY??? And somehow, somewhere, somewhen, I thought that He created gravity, he created this gravity so that when things is high up, it will fall if it's not supported by anything. I tried to relate this in life. No matter how high we can be in life, we will always fall back to the ground. Okaylah, what goes around comes around. What goes up will come down. Heh, can ya'll understand?? Lol. I don't really know how to make you see it, but that's the way I see it. And, I've been wanting to share this with ya'll ever since then! That was like... few years ago??? LOL. haha seriously!!

I wonder what changed me?? What happened to my thinking?? Though somehow I realized music is affecting me. Cuz I think, when you listen to music, you think less. Unless you're the kind of person who can even think CRITICALLY while listening to music. Yeah, I realized that. Hence, I'm trying to take this opportunity in this fasting month of Ramadhan, to try not to listen to my dear MP4 (jee!) that much. aha. Will try. Am trying. Lol. What kind of language is that?? Hahaha

Oh yeah! And today guess what? I did an experiment! And it was a success!! Alhamdulillah.. =) Waitttt a minute. What did I experiment?? *jeng jeng jeng!!!* Well, I kinda..... took Pearl kacip fatimah at the very end of sahur. Hahahaha I tried Red Bull before. But it's not giving much effect on me. I can still sleep after 2 hours of consuming that energy drink. But... though I can still sleep after I took the Pearl kacip fatimah, but I feel fresh and I can feel the energy flowing in my body! Though I can still feel the fatigue along with the energetic feeling. So what does that makes me? STILL ENERGETIC la machaaa! Tacaya bole tanya Zhafa. She said I look fresh today. Hihihi!

About the fatigue.. huh! If I don't have that SUPER DUPER COMPACT SCHEDULE, I WOULD BE AS FRESH AS A... HA! FRESHLY BLOOMED FLOWERS! hahaha mentang-mentang baru lepas belajar comparative superlative la in grammar. haha Well, it all started like this;

Tuesday, we had classes from morning till 9pm. So, I reach room around 10 or something like that la.
Wednesday and Thursday, as usual, classes from morning till 6pm.
Friday, our class was cancelled because the other group wanted to do their CSS Final Project. So, my CL group decided to go to Kepong via Komuter. We started our journey around 2pm until around 11pm then only we reach our room.
Saturday, group A, B, and C (which is my class), we had a MUET workshop for the WHOLE DAY, morning till evening.
Sunday, we completed our Final Project for CSS, starting from morning till around 2pm at Rumah Solehah, Cheras. Penat tau main dengan budak-budak. Lama dah tak main dengan budak-budak. hehe Anyway, it was a very heartfelt experience for me. :)
Then back to Monday and the days onward, as usual, out of room 7.30am to go to INTEC till 6pm.
What with all the assignments and presentations... oh God... there were nights where some of us didn't sleep you know! And some of us got cranky and high later during the day! Hahaha Thanks to College Reading, College Study Skills, and most inmprtantly Computer Literacy and Islamic Studies! The main subjects didn't really feel like main at all. U-huh *nodding with eyes closed* I didn't mean anything okay. And I'm not blaming the lecturers or any party here. Please, take note. Thankyouverymuch.

So, can you practically see and UNDERSTAND why I am freaking damn exhausted?? If you still can't, then I don't know what to say. For me, I've never been this... whole round the clock for straight 6 DAYS mannnnn!!!! 6. FREAKING. DAYS. Thank God it's not months. Or years. Urgh. -.-
Wait, I remember when I was a kid, I wanted to have a busy life. I wanted to be workaholic. Now that I've got it. What's wrong with it? Or... what's wrong with me?? :/

P.s.: I think this post is really a self-reflect post about me.

P.s.: Today, Nashra asked me 'Nina, what's wrong with your eyes?'. 'Nothing. Why?'. After a while, she said this to me, 'Your eye bag teruknya'. Oh God, I really need a GOOD REST. No, good is not enough. I need an EXCELLENT, or GREAT, or THE BEST REST I can ever have.Now you know when you're reach the 'heavyduty' level. @.@

P.s.: Overall, it was all FUN!!  I'm a TESLian Survivor Baby!! :DD 

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