Confused In Between Reality and Imagination

Okay. Me and my heart, we got issues. 

Honestly, I don't know why I feel so annoyed, so angry with this... I don't know whether to this one particular person or to this one particular group of people. I don't know. But I sure know that I feel annoyed. Lately, I've been feeling isolated. I don't know whether it's just me or it is REALLY happening to me. You know what, when I think about it, it was always me who ask you 'Are you alright?'. Right... now only I realized you NEVER ask me, 'Nina, are you okay?'. I never realized you were so selfish, so hungry for attention. And guess what biatch, I'm so sick of being the one who always approaches you. FUCK! What do I care! What do YOU care huh??! I don't know why I was so stupid trying to be so nice to you when you don't even care how I feel! When you don't even care, what's my condition! And this another person pulak, only search for me when this particular person (I'm trying not to insert gender here though it would obviously be a girl) is having problems with her friends. I don't mind but I do mind. Geez. What am I in your eyes, people?? Just some random human being?? I don't even mean as a FRIEND to you?? I don't know why I let myself open to you, being QUITE close to you .Oh God, I regretted that. I regretted of giving you the chance to let my emotions play with me. I've been holding this for quite some time actually. Sometimes you don't even know how to say 'PLEASE'! For God's sake! Have you not learn how to ASK PEOPLE POLITELY????? Ape kau ingat kau species yang tak peduli kat orang kau boleh suruh orang buat benda-benda, tak guna perkataan 'TOLONG'??? Hey! Lemme tell you something girl. You're only **. Life is still long biatch. If you don't know how to RESPECT other people, ASK others politely, you know THE WORLD DOESN'T REVOLVE AROUND YOU, so you might get "something" from others someday. Oh wait, WHAT DO I CARE?? You don't even care about me! You don't even care how I feel! You don't even care what happened! Another thing is, I've been trying to tolerate with your attitude girl. I've been telling myself 'It's who she is. Try to accept her as who she is'. But hell no! You have your weaknesses, I've my own weaknesses. Fine if you can't accept mine cuz I can't accpet yours too. Oh yeah! And I wonder is my voice is THAT low?? Can't you hear what I said or you purposely trying to ignore what I said?? I know you got a big and loud voice, but duhh... I hate it when people ignore what others were saying. Sheesh! Imagine if you were in their place, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL? or you're emotionless? Conclusion is, I feel annoyed, I feel used, I feel like a fool, well, thanks for doing that to me biatches!! =) FUCK YA'LL!


  1. babe, from ur words, u look really angry..btw, i'm as ur sis;) really wanna say, "be calm ok"..what matter happens, i'll be right behind u...walau jauh di mata tp dekat di hati..take care sis....

  2. thanks fifi! really appreciate that. =)


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