Somewhere About French

I still remember masa zaman sekolah rendah tak silap... time standard 6, Mak Su "promote" me this song.. most songs by this singer. And I remember listening to this song over and over again in front of the computer while enjoying a Cadbury chocolate which Mak Su and Chik bought from Australia if I'm not mistaken. But the chocolate wasn't here lagi la at that time. It has layers of white, chocolate and something pink if I'm not mistaken. A HUGE, 3 LAYERS of Cadbury chocolate bar. Definitely YUMMY!!

Here.. I present to you..... ALIZEE'!!!!!

And also this song.. this is neither French nor Italian.. it's English. Cuz it's a song from Madonna if I'm not mistaken. But Alizee' succeeded to 'bring up' the song. Bravo mademoiselle!

Up till today, I can still sing the song through my mouth though the memory of that lyrics has been kept away some where in my long term memory. hahaha But the Moi Lolita song tu agak sukar sikit because French isn't my first (obviously) neither my second language. haha

Hope you enjoy the songs above!!

Bonne ├ęcoute de moi! :DD

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