Respect, It's A Two-Way Route

Sudah lama rasanya aku tak nangis sebab tengok benda ngeri. Sudah lama. Sangat lama. And the last time I did I think it was like.... few years ago. Or, a very LONNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG time ago. 
Today, history repeat itself. Yes, I cried. Accidentally cried because of looking at such creppy pictures, of which, some people think it’s funny.  Though I think it’s childish to cry because of that. But,  I can’t.

Even when in Q-Ber, they showed us those videos of people SLAUGHTERING PEOPLE, yes, you read it right, SLAUGHTETRING, I couldn’t stand watching it. Though it was my first time watching people SLAUGHTERED by other PEOPLE, it wasn’t something pleasant to look at. If I’m not mistaken I only watched half of it, and yet, I had to use minyak cap kapak for almost TWO WEEKS just to get rid of it. As if I can smell the SLAUGHTERING. Urgh. Enough of slaughtering people. Why can’t you just live happily ever after????

It’s not even funny man!!! COME ON!!! You expect people to respect your “SENSITIVITY” when you don’t even respect others??? COME. ON. DUDE..... You can’t be more sarcastic than that can you? Huh.

Lesson learnt today:
Lain kali, bila boring, don’t do stupid things. In fact, always bring a small book and a pen, and try to translate any word you can think of, practice the phonetic symbols. :)

P.s.: Totally over you.


  1. nak tahu tak, adik aku pun nangis gak tgk video org sembelih org yg kat indonesia tu.
    aku tak nangis, sbb aku tak nengok.. heee :D
    totally understand what you meant nyna!
    ps: i've changed my url,

  2. ye ke?? serious, mmg geli and kesian weyh.. org tu meronta2 ckp "please.. please. don't kill me" and omg.. i just can't describe it.
    haha nasib baik ko x tgk... kalo x mmg nyesal doyh! eeeiii... meremang bulu roma bile ingat balik!
    thank god ade org yg memahami.. tp aku rasa org yg buat tu tak rasa bersalah pon. not respecting others sensitivity. hahah

    owh! comel!! :DD easier to remember i for me. hehe =)


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