Lately, I kinda realized a few things:

  1. I’ve lost my excitement of going to or being in the class. I don’t know how but I think I have the slightest clue of why.
  2. I’m not concentrating THAT much in class. Which is not good.
  3. I think I kinda lost my spirit of trying to achieve my vision here in TESL. Which I MUST figure it out and FIX it A.S.A.P.!!!!!!
  4. I can get over him now. =) Which is good. Still, I like him. But, the feelings have...somehow “cooled” down. Haha
  5. My insecure feelings have come “attacking” me again. Oh God.... I can sense isolation. Heh -.- Stop the negativity Nina! Positive, Positive, I summon youuuuu!!!! hahahah

You know, sometimes, in life, you have to accept most of the things, as they are. You can change ‘em, but it takes a lot. Yes, YOU CAN. I won’t stop you. But certain things, are better left untouched. You can tell me how much you hate someone, you can share with me your hatred, your anger, your feelings for somebody with me. Yes, you can share it with me. But there’s one thing I have to tell you, I can’t hate or feel disguised to someone, not until he/she made him/herself hated or disgusted by me. Seriously. Perhaps I’ve told some of you before that if YOU are okay with me, then I am okay WITH YOU. My principle is: What you give is what you get. But if you’re sincere, which I can tell the differences of being sincere and fake, I would give you more. Really. Because honesty and sincerity is something that are hard to get nowadays. People might be friending with you for purposes. Either you’re rich, or to get to “somebody”, or etc. But it’s not nice to think negatively of people right? Berdosa kan? So I’ll just be nice to all.  I don’t know what’re your intention or your sincerity of being my friend, but I’ll leave that matter to Him. Kita berkawan biar kerana Allah. Not that I'm pointing my friends anything. Just that I'm sure you know these things happen right. Still, you CAN tell me if you hate somebody.. or you dislike somebody.. or you love somebody. It’s okay... you can share it with me. I can be your ears. I can be your shoulder. But to hate somebody, that particular person will have to do it TO ME by him/herself. No worries, I rarely hate people. Unless you really made me do so.

I always told myself thatI have my own weaknesses. It’s okay if they can’t accept my weaknesses. It is their weakness that they can’t accept other people for who they are. Therefore, you can see that it all comes back to ACCEPTANCE. If you can accept people, for who they are, then insya-Allah, He will make life easier for you. Memang la rasa tak suka kat orang tu ada, tak dapat dinafikan, kita pun manusia, tak sempurna, tapi seeloknya kita CUBA simpan dalam hati je. Try to put it aside. Or lagi bagus buang kan terus. Syaitan lagi suka sebenarnya bila kita saling bergaduh antara satu sama lain.

I know, I know, some of you might think that ‘Alah... dia cakap je lebih, praktik ke??’. I’m a human too.  Kadang-kadang pun aku terlepas pandang benda-benda macam ni. Kadang-kadang, aku tak sedar apa yang aku buat. Kita semua ada kelemahan masing-masing. Tapi tak salahkan kalau kita try improve diri kita?? ;D

Jom jadi manusia yang lebih baik! Let's try to be better from yesterday everyday!! What do you say?? ;D

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  1. i guess we're in the same shoes...people tend to be fake...its their norm...we can never change not saying that im perfect but thats just wat people really r


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