Being 'Anonymous' only shows that you're COWARD! ;D

Seriously, aku tak tahu apa masalah mereka yang cuba mengata aku. Cuba memburuk-burukkan aku.
Cuba menyakitkan hati aku.  
Did I do anything wrong to you?
(If so, kindly let me know ya. Cuz sometimes aku memang tak sedar apa yang aku buat. MANUSIA la kata kannnn...)

Hellllloooo??? Aku rasa aku tak ada masalah pun dengan sesape. But if any of you have any issues or things that you're not satisfied with me, by any means, DO COME AND TALK TO MEOtherwise I don't know what's your problem (IT IS YOUR PROBLEM!) and you HAVE TO LIVE with it or LEAVE IT. Either way, I'll still be living in peace and harmony. Insya-Allah.

You wanna say something, say it to my face! Don't be anonymous! COWARDS! Jap, I'm sure ya'll wondering what and who am I talking about. Okay, I receive this one, question (it wasn't really a question pon!), he said something which... could be hurtful for peole la. Looking at the sentence, I somehow can figure it out WHO is it actually. Cuz, knowing through my FB friends, I think he is the one yg ayat paling sengal gila. He doesn't respect others. Not that I'm saying this is all his doing, but the probability shows that most probably it's him. But it could be others too. Any how, I don't understand these kind of people. There must be something wrong in their brains right? Uh. Never mind.

They are not that worth it to be worried about.

They are not that worth it to be talked about.

Unfortunately, the anonymous PREFERS to be a coward instead of being SOMEONE WHO IS BRAVE ENOUGH TO "VOICE OUT" HIS "OPINION". Huh. Apa kau ingat aku takot sgt ngan ayat ko tu?? Boleh blah la! You're just an immature human being. I don't know whether you deserve to be called as a human being pon. Pathetic. You have something to say, SAY IT TO MY FACE! You don't have balls? Get some or grow some dude!!!!

Whatever lah. As someone who believes in Him, I pray that hopefully Allah will open your heart and shed some nur, at least, rather than you living with your corrupted brain. Aku doakan semoga apa yang mereka-mereka semua buat jahat dibelakang aku, Allah tukarkan kepada yang terbaik untuk aku. May Allah gives what's best for me. I'm sure He always does that. I believe in Him. Amin!

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