Why I Can't Be A Doctor


When I was in form 3, memang fanatic gila dengan drama series House. In which the so-called-hero of the story is Dr. House (of course..! haha) who is so sarcastic, egoistic, but still somehow have that attraction. That sexiness. Okay okay, enough there Nina! Hahaha

If you know me that well, you should know that I don’t really like to moan/tell people that I’m in pain. Uh-uh. I’m the type who keep it to myself. And one saddening truth is, I don’t like to listen people moaning or yang macam over mengeluh kesakitan, UNLESS, it’s REALLY REALLY and REALLY painful. Not that I’m being cruel. But there are some people who purposely exaggerate their “pain”. I hate that. So, knowing that I hate when people do that, I decided not to show when I’m in pain.

Yeah, feel free to ask my mother. If I’m in pain, only after 1-2 weeks, then only I’ll tell my mother. 

Me: Bu, sakit belakang la..

Ibu: Berapa lama dah? (cuz she knows I only tell her when it's been a while, or when I can't stand it anymore. haha)

Me: Seminggu dua cam tu...

Ibu: HA???!!!! Kenapa tak cakap awal-awal??? 

And the rest is history. haha

I’ll try my best to deal with the pain first, before I “report” it to my mother.

Another reason, (tadi cerita pasal sakit, tetiba patah balik masuk pasal Sci plak. Marah Ms. Zarina if she knows this ;))  I think it’s because MRSM failed to capture my interest in Science. In fact, I think it made my interest in Science fade away. Not that I’m blaming MRSM. But I think I lost my interest in Science since I enter MRSM kot.

However, out of it all, I love to diagnose people’s pain/disease, give them the right medicine... doing things involving injection or anything that makes you look cool.. hahahah!! I mean, it’s cool and fun, yet you’re helping people. Now, the most common part of all that we’ve heard bout being a doctor, is that people wanna have high salary. Konon jadi doctor boleh dapat gaji tinggi la. Haha! Yeah, belajar rajin-rajin dulu, sampai nak separuh mati, kerja susah-susah dulu, baru boleh dapat gaji tinggi. Insya-Allah.

Of course when you wanna enter or do a course you would survey dulu (for those yang rajin lah), you see how they study, how they enjoy their life while studying and how they struggle, the tips and tricks. Well, after I’ve seen all, I saw pictures of Science students sleeping in the class. Looking tired, I thought, ‘Aren’t they suppose to be happy, cheerful, enjoy studying what they should since they’re SOOOOO ambitious in becoming a doctor or even an engineer...? Hell no! I don’t wanna study macam gila anymore. I wanna enjoyyyy studying'. Have a balance in between studying and having fun. Life is short. You gotta make full use of it. Nobody gets out alive anyway, don’t we? ;) That’s also one of the reasons why I chose TESL.

Hmm...speaking of TESL, I think I need to work more on the Science of English.. *winkwink*

May God bless you!

P.s.: Trying to make a list of things to buy (or in another word; SHOPPING) when I got the money... $_$


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