Undiscovered Genetics

This is going to be a little 18 and above kay, kids?? hahah

Okay, I knew I got that big booty not from my mom, but from my father.

Now what??

I didn't know that I kinda have that double-chin genetic. T.T

See?? MACAM double-chin kan?? Or is it really there?? hahah

Also... I just discovered that I kinda have that... (huhh..malunya nak cakap) hmm.. dimple! Only at the age of...nearly 18 I suppose???

I told ibu, 'Ibu!! Nina ada dimples la!!! haha At the age of 18!!!'. I showed it to ibu, then she kinda laugh. I said 'Betul tak, bu???' dengan nada manja. Hahhaha 'Ha'ah'. I don't know whether she really means it or not. Is it really there, I don't know. Why don't you be the judge?? :) But be nice ya. 

Can you see it?? On my right side..of smile?? Is it?? :/

I don't know if I'm being perasan or what, but this is NEW. At least, for me. :) Now that I can accept the fact that I'm bootylicious (It's not easy being bootylicious okay), I have to accept this 2 NEW SOON-TO-BE-FACTS of me. Oh Lord, what's next?? I'm pregnant?? *shiver* Please la, I'm still a virgin. Hahah ;D

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