Something I've Been Trying To Fight In Both Ways

I honestly have never felt this way.

I wanna push him against the wall.

Then I look into his eyes. His eyes that says “I’m shocked. But I’m okay with what you wanna do with me. Go ahead. Do it.”

And so I put my lips against his.

We kissed. I’m sure he could hear my heart beats like an 808 drum. I can feel all the butterflies turning from the villus in my intestine. I can feel it through his mouth. It’s a feeling I can’t describe. It’s a moment. A moment that only we can feel it, only we know how it taste like. Special. Unique. Exquisite. I wish I could have more. But I know, this is the farthest we could go.

You. Yes, I want you. I want you so badly. You’re so kissable.

I don’t know why my eyes are watery. I don’t really know you. But you made me cry. It hurts. It hurts. Why did you have to be that way? You see, that’s one of the reasons why I’m into you.  You challenged me somehow to get me to you. Though I never really did. I knew that.

You made me smile on my own. Yet, you made me cry knowing that we won’t be able to greet each other again.

You’re so kissable. You’re so lovable.

I don’t know why these feelings are here, inside this little fragile heart of mine.

Urgh! Sometimes I think I’m an idiot! Stupid! Silly!

You, yes, I want you. So freaking bad! I wish we could have all night long. I just wanna lay beside you and look at you all night long. Just the silence, stare and us. That’s enough for me.

Sadly, this is only my imagination. Facts:
  • I’ve never kissed.
  • I’m still a virgin. And am proud of it!
  • I don’t watch porn, but it’s imaginable through readings. Haha
  • I don’t think I’m pathetic that I’ve NEVER had my first kiss yet, but I think I still have my dignity with me. =)

Imaginations never recognize limitation. Imaginations let you run wild in your own world. Imaginations, are only imaginations. 

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