Silent Hatred Scream

It is actually the person who tells you secret should you not trust, NOT the one who won't tell you the secrets.

I am the kind of person who WILL TRY to get the things I want. Now that I've said it out loud yesterday that I'm determined to have this one subject, I can now welcome the reasons why I can't have the subject, in my head. So opposite kan?? I'm sure you're confused by this statement. haha I mean, if I want it, I'll try my best to get it. No matter how, no matter what. But this one subject, I know, I won't get it. So, once I said it out loud, I'm more ready to accept the fact that I won't get the subject. In other words, REDHA. yeah. haha

Well, thanks for ruining my mood, my opportunity, my chance, my routine tonight biatch. I really, REALLY appreciate that. You're the best bud I'll ever have! huh. -.-


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What's on your mind is there for a reason. :)