A Pinch of Me.

Suddenly I feel like telling people, or in other words, describing myself just like trying to fill up the 'About Me' section.

Oh  lord! I'm getting rude and rude day by day people. Forgive me for not saying my greetings to you dear readers.


So, let's get this business started.

I am honest, which sometimes can give me troubles. But I do know certain things you can't let it be THAT honest. But try asking me some questions to see how honest I can be. ;) 

Straightforward. Some things, sometimes, I just let go off what's in my head. 

That's why I can be so insensitive at times, though I am actually sensitive. Not THAT confusing I suppose?? ;)

I can be annoying or irritating at times. In what terms, only God knows. I don't know how to explain, but I think I can be a bit annoying.

I'm usually blur. My criticism mind, I don't usually turn it on (I think so). So, you can find me being quiet, most of the time I think, because I am actually trying to process every word that you said, for me to build an image in my mind of what kind of person you really are. Sounds scary doesn't it?? Well, I do love to read people's mind and attitude. Oh, also behaviour! ;D It is such an amusement to know the real "face" behind those mask. Entertaining, yet mind-boggling. 

I think I am practical, systematic, close to perfectionist, I'm trying my best to be a clean freak. m-hmm..

I'm shy and quiet. You know, one thing I disagree about personality definition is that, we don't actually have a specific personality. Because we ADAPT to our environment. That's our nature. We are primitive homo sapiens. Well, at least, that's for me la. haha

You know what, I know believing in those horoscope thingy is a sin in our religion. But, please allow me to use it as a BETTER WAY OF EXPLAINING MYSELF to you dear readers. 

Characteristics of A Virgo Woman - Goddd...... I can't help but to STRONGLY AGREE on the explanation!!! ;DDD
*Especially the part 'What Attracts A Virgo Woman! hahaha

Talking about relationship...hmm...I'm not the kind of person who would waste my TIME, ENERGY and MONEY for somebody who doesn't know where he's going in his life, or just playing around having and collecting 'experiences' of being in "love" with so many girls. Sorry, you ain't my type honey. :) I'm 18. I may be young, I AM YOUNG. hahah But I don't play around with relationship. Cuz it involves ME, MY HEART, MY FEELINGS, MY LIFE. Once you're in, you're apart of me. So, I won't let people or myself play around, making fool of what I am or what I have. I'm more of into a long-term relationship. I think, once I have that one guy I WANT, I would be the MOST loyal, loving partner he could ever have. Trust me. I am loyal, provided that you're loyal to me. hahah Oh! One more thing, I think I am still single because:

  1. I am choosy. Haha Yeah.
  2. I don't fall easily for guys. Especially for handsome guys. Seriously, siapa nak bet? Letak lelaki PAAAAALING HANDSOME depan aku and test me. hahaha
  3. I have high taste. hahah bajet eyh nina?? ;p
  4. I'm not as pretty as the other girls.
  5. I don't know how to talk with boys.
  6. I don't know how to flirt.
  7. I think boys are distraction. Hey! It's proven you know. Girls who're in girls school excel more compared to the normal school (what's that thing called?? aish. nampak sgt vocab tak banyak. haha)
  8. I don't know how to have that magnetic thingy. -.- 
  9. I get boring easily.
  10. I have a thing for passionate guys. haha Someone who doesn't walk like a loser, has BIG dreams.. and giving his best making it a reality and the rest u can check it here.
Hahah tu je la kot. Gila. Mana-mana lelaki yang baca ni mesti menyampah dengan aku. hahaha Anyway, I already have my eyes on this one guy. I don't care if he's taken or not, as long as he's not married yet, I can like him all I want! ;P

Alright. Alright. Back on me. hahah (I sound so self-centered right?? Well, at least I am allowed to be self-centered HERE IN MY OWN BLOG, and NOT being annoying in front of other people!). I'm unpredictable. Hence, Expect the Unexpected from me. =)

God bless you!! ;D

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