When Nina Is In The Kitchen, She...?

Anyohaseo!! How’re you?? I hope you had a good time today and, of course will enjoy and get your mouth watered by what I’m about to post. *evil laugh* GAHAHAHAHAH!

Okay, kidding. Recently, I cooked, a meal for the first time in my entire life(that particular meal la). A meal that is not related to me, except for the fact that I really love Chun Jung Myung’s smile. Oh, what am I crapping about???! Zap. Delete that okay? I don’t want ya’ll to imagine me being crazy over some hot Korean actor smile. Hehe!

Since my mom and I, we love to go the Korean stall at Midvalley’s food court, just to eat the Korean dish. My fave is Korean Beef BBQ and lately, I tried something new, which is the Chicken BBQ (I think. Haha).  And I thought, why not I cook it? It would be cheaper and besides, I can learn how to cook the Korean dish, little by little! Perfect! Hahaha!

Right, let’s get down to business.

First up, I’m going to share with you, how I cook the seaweed soup.

Now, it wasn’t really something that I like in the first place. I barely touched it when we bought it. But then, after some time, my hand goes automatically to reach out for the spoon to taste the seaweed soup. It’s pretty nice. I don’t know how to describe it, so you should try this! Hahah!


Some seaweed
2 minced garlic
2 teaspoon of sesame oil
3 cups of water
¾  chicken stock
Olive oil


I pour not much, but a sprinkle (boleh guna ke? Hahah) or a drizzle of olive oil in the pan, on medium flame. Not to big, not to small. Hehe! Then, wait for it to become hot for a while. Please, and I beg, PLEASE!!! DO NOT test HOW HOT the oil is with your BARE HAND! Just wave slightly on the pan and feel whether it’s hot or not. Safer that way kids.
If it’s hot enough, put in the minced garlic and the nice aroma will just come up and find it’s way to your nostrils. Haha! Wait until it’s golden brown a bit, make sure to stir it, okay! 
Then, toss in the water. I prefer to used cooked water. I mean...it’s a bit ‘safer’. Next, toss in the seaweed. Oh! Before I forgot, there a re only DRIED seaweed sold in the market. So, before you just toss the seaweed into the pan, you need to rehydrate the seaweed back. Not to worry. It’s easy. Just put in a bowl and pour in some water and let the seaweed drink it until it’s soft. =) Like this:

So, after you toss in the wet and rinsed seaweed into the pan, don’t forget to put in some (like a ¾) of chicken stock into the soup. 

And some salt, to taste. The game here to get a good, nice, tasty seaweed soup, is you gotta taste how it taste like. If you think it needs more salt, then put in some more salt. Taste, play with the food, okay people?? ;D

Now, on to the next meal! This, is the MAIN part! Hahaha! The one that I’m proud that I cook this; Korean Beef BBQ or also called as Bulgogi in Korea. =)


Sliced beef
About 3-4 tablespoon of light soy sauce
About 2-3 tablespoon of sugar
3 cloves of garlic, minced
1 teaspoon of sesame oil (they really do love the sesame oil, don’t they? =) )
Some salt
Some black pepper
Sliced cabbage
Thousand island (Finally!! Something western huh?? ;p )
Sliced onion
Olive oil

Okay, obviously, this is the easiest part of all cuz you just need to toss in all the ingredients, cover it up and leave it for about 2-3 hour. But I only did it for 1 and half hour. Hehe! Lapar sangat da. Haha!

I would suggest you to take out the beef from the freezer (if you’re keeping it in he freezer) for about 4 hours earlier before you start cooking. =) And please, PLEASE, wash the beef first. Get rid of the blood. You can either soak it in with flour water (flour mixed with water) or just wash it until it looks less reddish.
You can tell the difference right? Left; washed. Right; not washed yet. =)

Then, thinly slice the beef, if possible, make it a bit longer. Then, pour in the light soy sauce, sugar (I used fructose, some kind of fruit sugar. A healthier choice), salt, pepper, and not to forget sesame oil. Wrap up the bowl and leave it the least, 1 hour.

That's the sugar. Waiting to toss in the sesame oil. =)

You think it’s enough? Okay, take it out. Then just a drizzle of olive oil (again, healthier choice =)) and wait for it to turn hot. Then put in all the beef. Okay, I know it’s not exaclt BBQ, but with the sauce, it can turn out like a real BBQ. Trust me. =) Don’t throw away the sauce. Just put it in together with the beef. That’s what gives the extra taste. =) When you see that it’s nearly cook, put in the sliced onion. Kacau kacau. Cook, cook and cook, and walla! You now have the Korean Beef BBQ! Okay, now you assemble your beef to whatever or however you want it to look like. Then put some sliced cabbage together/beside with the beef. 

Also, add some thousand island on top of the sliced cabbage. Actually, what’s use at the Korean stall, the so-called-thousand-island is a bit reddish the colour. So, I’m gonna have to do some research at the mall and let you know what was it, okay? ;)

The most vital part, the one food that the Koreans could never have their meal without is the Kimchi. Unfortunately ladies and gentlemen, I ain't gonna show you how I prepare the Kimchi. Haven't learn that yet. Haha! And besides, it takes days to prepare. So better just buy it any nearest mall. =)


Here's a link of the Korean Beef BBQ recipe for you to check from the original recipe (meaning I did some amendment to this recipe la. haha) and also here's the link for the Seaweed Soup. =)

I was really  happy when I cook this. Plus, there was no one in the house, just me and the kitchen. So, what else, when there's no one in the house, automatically my invisible camera will start rolling and I'll keep talking as if I'm hosting a cooking show! Haha! Hmm...probably Nom Nom with Nina?? Sounds good huh?? Hahah! 

Meet my best friend; Nigella Lawson. I do wanna be like her. Knows how to cook perfectly well and a great body. Even after eating those delicious food! yummy!

For those who don't know, this is Anna Olson.


Meet Michael. He host the Chef At Home show. I love his recipes; simple, nice and easy.

Meet the sexy British Jamie Oliver goes wild in his kitchen. (Okay, I think that sounds like porn. I didn't mean in that way.). What I'm trying to say is, that he always like.. syok sendiri kat dapur. I guess he likes cooking very much. He's into it. *shrugs* =)

So, if you're gonna try it, I wish all the best to you! Good luck! Remember, sometimes, you don't necessarily need to follow the RECIPE exactly. Follow your heart and play with the food! And walla! You have the food that comes right from your heart! ;D


Ps: Crazing for pizza. Adoi! 


  1. haha,gilerr sedap weyh!
    owh, i tot the beaf kena grilled,
    so,just gorengla..
    eh,kat foodcourt mi ada ke Korean nyer stall?
    x jumpa weyh!
    wah,nanti nak try!

    thanks, sedappp!

  2. i'm gana try it dear once i come back to msia:)

  3. shahril: yea. nama je bbq. haha even kat kedai dia pon i think die goreng atas plate yg hitam mcm tempat letak sizzling mee tu. haha tp jgn byk sgt minyak tau. haha nanti jd lain plak. ;D
    owh ada. the only korean stall kat mid. =) kat robinson pun ada. tp i prefer kat mid. =) ur most welcome my friend! ;D

    fifiey: yeah!! dont forget to tell me later how it turns out okay? ;DD

  4. haha,ok!!
    sabtu nih mmg nak g mid,
    nak beli bag untuk lectures..

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