There's Always A First Time For Everything! ;D

Hello people!! How’re ya’ll?? Hope you’re enjoying your day and got your boredom killed by reading this post. Hehehe!

Right, so the topic itself speaks quite a lot and I’m sure you have lots of ideas coming into your mind of what I’m about to share, today. Probably you’re thinking that I kissed somebody first time today, I had my first accident last week, or a cute gardener sending me a love note. Hahaha! None of the above ladies and gentlemen! This year, it was the first time I’ve ever went to a party AND a concert!

Yeah, call me lame. Call me kuno. I don’t care. My mom won’t let me go out socialize that much with friends cuz she’s scared that I’d be going out with the wrong person. AND I THANK HER FOR THAT. I THANK HER AND GOD FROM PROTECTING ME WITH ALL THE POSSIBILITIES THAT I MIGHT GET INVOLVE WITH SOMETHING UNHEALTHY. Though when I was younger (ugh, I feel old), I used to argue with my mom ‘You’re making me having social problems!’ or ‘Because of you I have problems talking to people! I DON’T KNOW HOW to communicate with them!!’. Yeah, funny when I think about it back. At the end of the day kids, what your momma did, was what’s the best for you. Trust me. Sometimes, Iwonder why wont this kids look the other way round. Like if you can’t do something or go somewhere, don’t you ever think why your parents wont let you? Right, I forgot, they’re kids. So was I. Okay, lets just get back to the topic.

So, it was Lisa’s birthday party together with her friend’s birthday, those who were born in March. They held it somewhere near my house so since Nisa was invited, I thought, hey, why not? And Ibu would have no points to argue with me. Luckily they provided all the details for us. Like the address, activities, time, and food. There are also RULES!!; YOU CANNOT, EVER TALK ABOUT SPM! ;D I like that... ;p
Arrive there, try to find Nisa. And happen to meet again with my former classmate from CBN, Ezza Melina, Liyana Razak, Aliah Hasril, Alya Amirah and I don’t really remember the rest. I think it’s their friends from other school. Anyway, greeted everyone. Ezza was super nice. I miss them. I miss my 3A ’07 CBN classmate. =)

When old friends meet again. *sigh* It's funny that we find so much in common between us, Nisa! Hope you'll be a great successful student at Vanderbilt School of Engineering, Nisa!!!

The food was awesome!! Love the mutton!! And the grilled drumstick! Together with the nasi goreng and mash potatoes. Super delicious YUMMY!! I was in the mood to eat. It was sooo good that I feel like I want to eat a lot. But I was shy to go and get it, again. Nisa said she doesn’t feel like eating. So... =( Okay, never mind. So, we karaoke-d, we sing along, saw girls and boys getting thrown into the pool, people dancing on the dance mat to a song called “Ice Ice Baby” (or something like that haha!) And while watching all that with loud music thumping on my eardrums, me and Nisa, we took the cupcake. It was an orange flavoured cupcake. But it was, SUPER DELICIOUS! Urgh! I just can’t get enough of the food! Haha! Then, we menyibuk pergi karaoke. Ala..overall, you get the whole idea right? Loud music, people screaming, people get thrown into the pool. Yeah, those scene. =) Ah! Also! A surprise! I didn’t recognize Afiq G. a.k.a. Feqs. He looks TOTALLY DIFFERENT!! The last time I saw him, he was chubby man!! Chubby but he was friendly. A nice guy. But now, OMFreakingG!! I was jaw-dropped. Hahaha!

Owh yeah, before you got lost in anything, me, Nisa, Lisa and Feqs were schoolmates in our primary school. The other girls that I met, Ezza, Liyana, Aliah, Alya they’re my schoolmates in my secondary school, CBN. =) *sigh * I miss school time.

Okay. So that’s the first part. The second part is ME going to a CONCERT!!

Right, so it’s not big deal for those who’s been to concerts. But for me, it does. It is a HUGE thing for me! I went to Tokio Hotel Concert on the 1st May of 2010. Labor Day. Yeah, hahah! Thanks to Jenthi, I got 2 tickets to go watch TOKIO HOTEL LIVE!!! Though I almost bought a ticket for RM100. -.-

I tried to find any of my friends who KNOWS and WOULD LIKE to go to the concert. But, it seems that most people don’t know them. Haiya...pathetic lorhhh!!!! How come you said Tokio Hotel is FROM JAPAN?????!!!!! That’s fraking wrong! And it’s A SIN for you to say that! Go google it if you don’t know them.  Anyhow, I finally went there with Hazirah Hidayat, a friend of mine from MJSC Kuala Berang. I tell her you’re coming with me to watch Tokio Hotel live! Then only she responded to my comment. -.- Susah betul nak contact engkau Hazirah! Haish...offer free ticket baru mau pergi. Aku pun pathetic jugak! *This is one of the effect if you don’t really socialize, people. Ibu, tengok?? Betapa susahnya Nina nak cari orang. *

There was an opening concert by Bunkface and Pop Shuvit. But, knowing me, IM NOT INTO OUR INDUSTRY. Sorry. Then they turn up a variety of songs from Justin Bieber lah...and others. I just moved my body to the beat. I’m feeling it honey! =) Then, when they came out, I was like, OMG!!! THAT’S THEMMM!!! It seems that they look exactly like what we’ve seen them in advertisement, papers, CDs!!! And Bill’s hair, of course, it’s the most obvious thing on the stage that you could see. Probably that’s why they come out pretty late. Trying to iron Bill’s hair and his make-up. Hehe! During the concert, they said, ‘thank you for coming!’, ‘thank you Malaysia!’ and so many thank yous (I think around 3 times). You know like a gimic. They performed all the songs from their album, Humanoid; Monsoon, Automatic (of course), Human Connect To Human, Dogs Unleashed, Noise, World Behind My Wall and others! It was hysterically fun!


Sorry the pic was blur. TOO MUCH EXCITEMENT!!! ;D

It’s been ages since I last scream out loud and had fun something like that since I left CBN for MJSC Kuala Berang. I also did thought that, with the loud noise banging, you can feel it in your chest, no wonder lah orang yang selalu pergi concert ni hati dia keras. Kowt. That’s only a hypothesis. But I think so, yeah.  Took some picture, then DAMN IT! The camera that I borrowed has EMPTY BATTERY! GREAT! DURING THE CONCERT! Tapi nak buat macam mana, camera pinjam kan. Camera yang sedia ada dah rosak, nak tunggu beli yang baru, duit perlu digunakan untuk benda lain yang lebih penting dulu. Begitulah hidup aku. =)
Starting my new year as becoming 18 years old LEGALLY, I think this is a good exposure for me. There’s more to life. But what I belief is, as long as you remember who you are, and you REMEMBER GOD, Insya-Allah (With God will) you’ll be safe my friend.

God bless you! ;DD


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