I Know It's Ridiculous, But It's Just A Thought!

You know I’ve been observing for quite some time. Attitude, mostly that attracts me. Not to forget, human behaviour too. How they response. That, somehow has never failed to attract my attention to learn them more. Lately, the male have been my observation. And must I say, I can’t deny imagining, yes, IMAGINING how would Mr. My Guy would look like, his response towards things, his behaviour and of course his attitude. =)

I thought that, my guy WOULD/SHOULD/MUST:
  1. Not walk like a loser. He walks with a passion, with his big dream AND his will on making it a REALITY.
  2.  He is friendly. Especially to old people.
  3. Respect others. Again, especially old people. Cuz I definitely want him to respect my mom. You don’t respect my mom, then so long dude! Haha I’m serious. -.-
  4. He is smart. Smart as in, he knows how to dress up, smells nice, and CLEAN.
  5. Intellectual. Obviously, he must have something that I can respect him. Wise.
  6.  Multi-talented. Hahaha If my mom can be a talented woman, why can’t him?
  7. Of course, obey to his Creator! I hope he doesn’t watch porn. But it’s hard to find that kind of guy right?
  8. Open-minded. Exciting. Cuz I’m an open person. It’s hard to be with a narrow-minded, shallow people. And he doesn’t mind trying something new. =)
  9. Nature-lover. He cares for his environment. And if possible, would try to help create a better place for human to live in order to be able to lead their life in a happy and safe way.
  10. Health conscious! Yes! He is conscious about his health. You don’t care about your body, how are you going to care about my body and the kids, later (IF, and IF).
  11. Not dependant. Come on lah. You’re a man for God’s sake. Don’t cling to us like babies.
  12. Rarely curse. Exceptional when he's pissed off. Aiyoo. He's also human right? People need to let go some emotions sometimes. Not good for ya health if you keep anger inside your heart. =)
  13. But above all, there IS another thing that I look for, however, I would NOT reveal what it is, obviously it's a secret. But one thing I'll let you know is, if you're not this, I won't consider looking at the other criteria. =) (choosy kan?? teruk. hmm)

Okay, I know this is A TOTAL CRAP. Guys like these don’t exist, do they? Oh cut it! If you think you have these qualities, PROVE IT to me. Show me you got balls! Okay, NOT LITERALLY.

Whoever he is, I'm sure God has given the best for me. For He doesn't give us the people that we WANT, but the people that we NEED. ://

Ps: Why am I even posting this?? Mind it, I don’t think I even have readers. -.-



  1. lol~ hahaha.. i'm sorry but this is kinda funny..well, at least to me.. ;D
    It's alright to dream about your ideal man but don't get your hopes high.. ;)
    Yours sincerely,

  2. haha that's whyI tagged it under 'DREAMS', 'IMAGINATION' and 'WISHLIST'. haha its too perfect. i might become hysteria if I found that guy. lol! ;DD


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