Me, Nina Duet With Colby O'Donis. I Mean It!

Don't believe ar?? Come on!!! IT IS ME singing this song with Colby O'Donis! Fine.... tak percaya?? Here's my video clip;

Hahahah! Now, don't say that I lied. I mean, I'm Nina. She's Nina. Basically, technically, we're the same right?? hahah! I love this song:

  1. I'm proud of this Malaysian girl who succeeded to have a duet with one of the international artist; Colby O'Donis. Though he looks like someone from Lebanon. Cuz he reminds me of that "millionaire" Lebanon. -.-
  2. I love the song itself! Catchy la jugak. Though the lyrics are quite "repeatish" (I used my own words okay. I'm trying to be genuine! haha!)
  3. This is a song, which EXACTLY describe my mood when I'm in the mood for clubbing (though I never went for clubbing before.. -.- ). You know, that feelings when you just wanna let loose of yourself and just drown in the beat. 
  4. The singer has the same name with me; NINA!!!
  5. There's Kuala Lumpur stated in the song. Go check it out if you don't believe me, here. Hehe!
  6. I just love it. And it's not a sin reason. =)

Ps: You might also want some proof where LADY GAGA PRONOUNCED MY NAME IN ONE OF HER SONGS right here!!


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