Happy Belated... Mother's Day!!!! ;DDD

Salam. Selamat Sejahtera. Good Day!. Ni hau? Vanakam! Anyohaseo~

Hahaha! Sounds like 1Malaysia spirit! Except for the Korean Language part. =)

I know I should have posted this a looonnnggggggggg time ago. Sorry. Whenever I’m blogging, I need the right time and the right mood to start so that I can deliver what I want to share with ya’ll, more...  well, you can say, deeply affectionate. Hehe!

You know, the BEST give God can ever give you is, your mother. Yup, that’s right. I still remember what my friend whom I’ve known him from MJSC Kuala Berang, I told him that I wanted to delete my memories, and mostly were the times when I’m at MJSC Kuala Berang. He knows why, it wasn’t a very pleasant time, you know, dealing with typical, narrow-minded people. But there is one thing that he said to me in Facebook, that I could still remember it clearly in my head, like I can hear him say those words, and those were the words that I share with people with regarding issues;

"Allah doesn’t give you the people that you WANT, but He give you the people that you NEED."

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you think deeply, it is true. No matter how bad a mother can be (cuz I know not all mother have a good, sincere, pure heart. They’re human too.), how cruel she can be, how strict she would be, she is the particular person that YOU NEED.

A mother always wants the best for her children. A mother would do anything to make her children happy. A mother would face anything so long that her children doesn’t get hurt. A mother, is an amazing person that would go to any extend, to be with her children and to make them happy and safe. =)

Of course everyone thinks they have the best mother in the world. They’re right, and they do. They’re the best mother for their child. Why? Cuz God knows best. =)

My mother, I see her as a strong woman, a loyal servant to Allah, a loving mother, a great friend, a hard-working manager, she’s one of the greatest person I’ve ever met in my entire life! I remember being so sensitive to her, like I would merajuk bila ibu sibuk buat kerja, but she was busy trying to find money so that I can eat. I remember when I had nightmares, she would said to me, ‘shh..shh..ibu ada. Ibu ada sini’. *aiyoo..im starting to cry* I remember her sweet smell that still lingers on her even after she came home from work. I remember I used to be so rajinnn to do her cards for Mother’s Day. Kecik-kecik buat style hand-made. Dah besar sikit guna computer, Microsoft Power Point. Hahhaha! I’ve made her big cards, beautiful cards, silly cards! Hahaha! And I still kept that coloured rice I used for in her card! *Effect of watching Art Attack!* Hahaha! I think I was a bad kid. Okay lah, not THAT bad, but naughty. Hehe! Hayy Nina, jadi anak tunggal pun boleh naughty jugak eyh?? ;P

And I cannot imagine life without her. How it would be sooo empty. She’s is the person whom I turn to whenever I need an advice. She is the person that I went shopping with. She’s the person who would stand-up for me. She’s the person who would do anything for me. She is the person, who LIVED for me.
Through my 18 years of living with you, Ibu, the greatest person alive I have ever met, you taught me how to live a good life. You taught me how to be nice with people, even if they throw stones at you. You taught me, how to face it all. God taught me that, but thru you. Thank you, Allah. Thank you, Ibu. And before I pen off, I would like to wish my dearest, most amazing Mom in the world, a very huge, gigantic, shiny HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!!!!

May Allah bless you always, and may you be with them beside Him, later in the after-life. Amin.

Ps: I’m sorry I can’t really express these words to you, cause, it’s kinda personal and there’re no words that could describe it, how much I love my mother. I would die for her.



  1. apa nie??haha..asl semangat satu malaysia dah macam satu dunia..??

  2. nina mcm ne nak tukar cam nina.. 1 vomitted..yg komen tuu..ajar please

  3. fiza!!! hahaha aku tetube rase semngat sedunia.. tp duk MY, jadila semangat 1My skit.. hehe

    owh itu. ko pegi 'Layout'.

    then pegi kat 'Page Elements', akan kuar 'Add and Arrang Page Elements' kan..

    then, ko tengok kat bawah tu ade kotak 'Blog Post' ryte? Kat hujung bawah belah kanan tu ada tulis Edit kan? Klik situ.

    Dia akan kuar Configure Blog Post dimana disitu ko boleh edit. kat situ la aku add tuka jd vomited tu. hahaha hope it helps. kalo x phm bg tau aku lg. kalo da dpt, pon bg tau aku jugak tau. hahaha! ;DD

  4. omg tenkiuu..asal tak perasan!HAHA!!thx nina!!


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