First Time Drive, and It's On The Road!

Fuuhh... penat jugak eyh driving. Clutch la, break la, gear 1 la...adoi... well, WATCH OUT PEOPLE!! 'Cuz when I CAN DRIVE, I'LL DEFINITELY GO AROUND TOWN AND BLINK MY EYE ON ANY HOT GUY! AND IMMA SCREAM IT OUT LOUD BABY!!

Just cme back from driving lesson. First time da bawak kereta kat jalan. Pergi area rumah nenek la, kat Jalan Setiabakti tu.. and around some Damansara. Fuhh! Tomorrow will be more! ;DD

And that's if I pass the JPJ test, this 17th of May. Pray for me will ya??

God bless you!! ;DD

Ps: Craving for pizza.

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