Sparkly Vagina?? LOLLL!!!!

I'm actually quite sleepy this morning...don't know why. So this morning, at work..went here and there and I ran into this:


Ps: What was I thinking going to parents website?? *sigh* hey, we're all are open aren't we?? ;P


  1. apa kes nie?HAHA!!!

  2. tu la... tgh boring2...terjumpe ni plak! hahahah!!!!

  3. hi...just blog walking when i stumbled upon ur blog...nice content n follow me okay...oh,one question...where did u get the falling girl widget?

  4. hopefully both of us dpt tesl tu kan...anyways,good lux!

  5. hye! sorry for the late reply. im not sure whether i dah bagi tau you ke tak bout the falling girl. hehe! =)

    if you want the widget, go to CUSTOMISE, then die akan kuar yg ur blog nye layout click add a widget, as if you're gonna add some widget to ur page..

    then die akan kuar this one new page for u to add or search widget.. ade kotak browse kat atas right side tu, you type FALLING GIRL. then bila dia dah kuar, you scroll down and tadaa!! you'll find the falling girl widget.

    I hope you get it. if still x dpt, tell me kay. =)

    Yea...i really wish we could get it. though i dont really know you and some of the others who applied for the same course, and went for the interview, i really wish we get it. am excited and really looking forward to it!! hopefully dpt..amin!! =D

  6. same goes to will be much better if we both dpt n placed at the same campus...


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