My Baby. =)

Hey yo!! hahah


People, this is my new bag. I love it soooo much!!!! sampai kena masuk blog. hahah 
This is actually actually a product from Gin and Jacqie. Yup, to those women who loves practical and design, they should know this brand. Once you heard 'Gin and Jacqie', you know it represents FUNCTIONALITY, PRACTICALITY and of course, DESIGN
This is a bag where you can bring your 'importante' stuff and yet, carry a beautiful designed bag.

As you can see, the size of the handle of the bag is pretty much the right size. Meaning, not to small, not to big. Ya know, the bigger the surface area, the smaller the pressure exerted. blablabla. and I'm not doing physics here. na-ah. hahah

They have the front pocket for you to put stuffs like tissue or anything. Just, be careful cuz if you ever fall, things could come out of it easily, since the front pocket DOES NOT have a zip. So don't put anything valuable in there kay? ;) can put it in here. You see, there're even a small pocket for you to put you tiny little water bottle in there..or your spectacle case. The inner side pocket, they have it at both sides; left and right. 

You see!! You see!!! Even the zip are practical!! Especially for mommies in rush, you need to open your bag in hurry or so, you can easily pull the zip! 

After the front pocket, you have this first section of...pockets?? Where you can put your cell phone, pens and etc. 

The middle one is the one yang ada zip tu. So..after that second section, the third section is this.. can put your papers here (in a file please, if you want to keep the paper nicely)

This is actually tali yang you boleh buat if you feel like you wanna sling your bag. 

An example of how you wanna put your things. I don't think I'm good at keeping things, but this is just an example kay. ahahah

And... what a girl must have is this...
AIR SICKNESS BAG!!! lol. Just in case if you ever feel nausea. We can't predict the weather, can we?? ;)

Of course!!! How did I forget this?? People, this is actually a baby mat. 
Cuz, the design of this bag is actually for mommies. But I like the design and the compartments this design provide, I just DON'T CARE if it's made for mommies! 
I heart this bag.
This Lulu Baby Bag.
I love Gin & Jacqie.

Now, FYI, this is not my first Gin & Jacqie bag. I bought one, when I was in Form 2. That was about... 5 years ago. And the bag still stand strong till today.

Say 'Hi' to the bag!!

Yup, this one also has 3 sections. And very 'pockety'. hahah new word aite, Nina??

"Fill me all you want!!"

"Tickle me all you want!!"
Every little space is made to be fill people.. =)

Best part of all, you can keep you papers here. SAFE with a zip! 

And each sides; left and right, they have this small section in case you wanna put small bottle or anything. =)

Of course!!! This is what makes the bag able to stand on its own!! None of the round thing EVER CAME OFF FOR NEARLY 5 YEARS!!!

Convenient, huh?? And practical?? And long-lasting??
Definitely WORTH your dollars. RM100 for 5 years?? And God knows how long!

The Lulu Baby's Bag cost me around RM100 dollars also. But this stripe bag, exactly RM100!!

You can google it yourself if you wanna find this stuff. 

God bless ya'll!!! ;DD


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    trima kasih

  2. salam.

    yg falling girl tu..
    akak pergi dkt customise..
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