Frankly speaking, I don't think I'm in deep shit! LOL!

Good-day, people!!'s been a while since I last updated my blog. Well, March was pretty much of a chaotic month for me. It's the month where SPM result was out. Yup, WAS OUT. Honestly, I really wanna share with you what happened that day, though I can't say 'It's nothing' or 'Nahh..nothing big'.

At least, it was a DAY for me. =)

 We booked tickets to Terengganu by Firefly, for the FIRST time! hahah
In the mean time, before masuk boarding, we decided to have a look at the newly (not so new la) renovated Subang airport.. I was like, WHOOAAAA!!!! So much prettier now!! ;D

And ibu was so excited nak naik Firefly.. AWAN DANIA! AWAN DANIA!!
*citer aper pown aku tak tahu. sory, aku tak tengok cerita melayu. JARANG! ;)

Yeah...that's my mother. Eager to take a picture with Firefly! Where's me?? Naah...I don't want to take a picture with Firefly. Hahaha. Don't feel like it! ;)

Can you actually see the FAANNNN??? Scary gler! 

Since it was our first time, we didn't know that Firefly only have ONE door! Which is at the BACK! So, as usual, we book a seat in front, thinking that it's nearer to the door. But, hell no! We had to walk from the back of the plane, towards the front, which is where we were seated. No, I'm not exaggerating this. I'm trying to make you feel how I feel, for the first time. hahahah ;D

Surprisingly, the seats were comfortable, and we were served with peanuts(if I'm not mistaken) and a chocolate muffin! Oh yeah, and a drink too!! Isn't it wonderful?? A cheap flight and still, you get beverages during your flight! ;D

choc muffin...erm, yummyyy!!!
apple juice!!
the flight weren't full. 

So there quite a lot of empty seats. I moved from my original to another seat, somewhere that's far from the fan. *I can't stop imagine what's possible! I know it's a bad thing, but...... ://*

And I also sempat took this pic. Don't know what was I thinking. =)
And after around 1 hour in the flight...we finally reach Kuala Terengganu Airport!!! Super yeay!!! but still, dupdap dupdap dupdap dupdapdupdapdupdap!!!!!!!!

Hmm, so far I haven't seen anyone that I know. Any Selangorian from the Subang Airport to KT Airport...
Whenever we're in KT, whether it's because my mom came to visit me, or I have any event that my family has to come over, we always rent a car. Easier that way. 

I think this pic says 'waiting'. LOL ;D

Okay, I know I'm a cam-w****, fine! But I was so excited!!! ;DDDD

FYI, I only wear tudung to religious events or whenever I'm in Terengganu. I know you'd probably think I'm making a  fool of my religion, but if you really want to know why, AND NOT ADD MORE SIN ON YOURSELF FOR THINKING NEGATIVELY OF PEOPLE, do personally sent me a message. Perhaps I can explain there as I don't intent to create 'controversy' here in my blog. ;)

Funny how the place I used to be so phobia, not to mention until now, is one of the place I miss the most. Of course, along the way, I got to capture very few pictures of Terengganu. Okay, to be exact, two! 'Cuz I don't know what else to capture. haha

Yeay!!! We're heading to KUALA BERANGGG!!!! ;D

Can you see the word 'Allah' spelled in Arabic?? Yeah, you can see it in Terengganu. I think it's the only country where you can see the word Allah, on a hill, that's almost as the word Hollywood where you can see it, of course at Hollywood. But if you happen to go out at night, it'll look soooo beautiful!!! 

  This is near the place where we stayed, a lousy resort, Intan Beach Resort. 

The story is like this...*drumroll*.. Okaylah, lepas dah penat seharian travelling, even though by flight still penat jugak tau, packing, rushing, and after ambik Aunty Nana (she's an old friend of my mother, living in Kuala Terengganu ;D) so, kitorang pun pergilah ke resort ni... For your information, Ibu dah booked the Japanese-style room 2 MONTHS EARLY!! And in 2 MONTHS tu, she did callS to remind the staff at INTAN BEACH RESORT that we will be staying there, in the Japanese-style room. 

Somehow, after we reached there, the 2 Japanese-style room, HAS BEEN TAKEN!! Of course my mother was angry. After the effort that she put, who wouldn't?? But the funniest part was, she (yeah, the staff, its a she!) said that 'WE GIVE PRIORITY TO WALK-IN CUSTOMER'
And my mother and I, we were like, 'WHAT THE ****???!!!' 
But, what can we do, the room is taken, terpaksalah masuk bilik lain. Nak jumpa manager, (we think) diorang pakat kate manager tak ada. Because until the next day, we still can't confront the manager.

bagusnya, malam pergi dinner pun pakai tudung. =)

So...the next day has finally come. Funny though, usually, when there's something big is going to happen, it's kinda hard for me fall asleep, but I was kinda, not to worried... and the next morning, I didn't wake up early!! Mase PMR dulu, pukul 4a.m. dah bangun kowt!! This time, I kinda like, what's gonna happen, happen!

as u can see...I'm starting to feel nervous..My hands were sweating! pergh!

And so, we reach there not exactly at 10a.m. sharp. The result was suppose to come out at 10a.m.. I suppose the results were already out. Okaylah, malas nak citer panjang-panjang! Cerita masa nak ambik result terus! haha

Mase tu, semua orang dah keluar, staff sekolah la, yang kat office tu. Diorang bawak slip ke meja kat DC (Dewan Cemerlang). Then, bila nak ambik result ni...punya la jantung berdegup-degup! I can feel that the slip is so near to me!! Though physically, almost near.. ://
But before that, HEP dah bagi tahu, only 16 students dapat straight A. And I have a feeling that I wont be one of them. But deep down inside, I still have that tiny hope. 
Then check name, ah sudah!! tak bayar lagi duit dobi!! hmm, aku pun dengan segeranya berlari ke koperasi untuk membayar segala hutang pituang yang sepatutnya.. Setibanya aku di DC semula, da lps da bayar hutang. Aku pon pergi la ambik result.
*Nur Amalina Dayana?
*Nur Amalina.. (jari turun ke hampir hujung kertas untuk mencari nama aku)
*Okay. Dah bayar ya?
ANGGUK. Dia pun lipat into two slip aku then hands me the slip.

Secara jujurnya, aku tak suka bukak depan orang lain and not telling my mom as the first person about my result. Especially, when you, the stranger, asked me to tell you FIRST! At first, mase aku bukak slip tu, I wasn't THAT surprise. I knew I didnt get straight..for some reason. I didn't count the As. That time, when I saw 2 B+ (bio and chem), to be honest, I FELT LIKE I WANNA CRUMPLE THIS SLIP AND THROW IT AWAY! BULLSHIT!

But then, I didn't. If I crumple my slip, throw it away on the floor, and let people step on it till it won't look like a piece anymore, meaning, I'm letting people step on MY EFFORT, MY FAMILY'S MONEY, MY MOTHER'S HOPE and God knows what else. There's NO WAY!! I'm letting it happen. Itu pun aku dah rasa guilty to my mom for not being able to giv her straight A's.

Somebody asked me, 'Kak, dapat brape?' (junior kan..) Aku cakap 6. Meaning 6As. I was disappointed with myself. REALLY! But then aku pergi kat ibu, then only I saw, it was 7As and 2B+. I mean, that's still okay! I told myself.

And I also thought quickly that one of the reason why God gave me this result was to make me easier to choose which course to take. See, it ain't that hard to think positive aiy?? ;P Cuz if I got straight, I WILL jadi rambang mata or berbelah hati tak tahu nak pilih mana. Medic la (tak nak jadi pun. BERLAMBAK da orang nak jadi doctor, but then our country asyik tak cukup doctor jerh!! maner pegi sume budak-budak yang bijaksana lagi bercita-cita tinggi tu?? ha...nanti aku try create one post on this topic kayh? :) ), biomedicine la, pharmacy la. Jadi english lecturer can something that's a bit easier?? *I won't say it's easy, cuz that wont be life* So, with this result, at least, I know where I'm going. TESL. Yup. Walaupun tak cukup syarat, I did try apply at MARA under TESL punya course. Buat muka tak malu je apply online. haha Mana la tau, kot ada rezeki. Tetibe Tuhan nak bagi ke. Tapi tak dapat pun. Dia(system tu la) siap tulis lagi. 
'Maaf. Permohonan anda gagal.'
So much of trying luck! heh.

So, whatever happens, I have to accept with open heart. SPM IS NOT EVERYTHING! DIDNT GET STRAIGHT A'S DOESNT MEAN ITS THE ENDDDD OF THE WORLD! *heek. credits to mak su* YOU CAN STILL BE A SUCCESSFUL PERSON IN YOUR LIFE! I believe that. 

So, I hope you do pray for my success in my life. =) And if you don't, it's okay. :)

P.s.: Since this is the LONNNNGGEEESSSSSTTTTTT post I've ever done so far in my blog, you have to wait for the sequel of this journey. Just a teeny tiny bit more of this journey, okay?
God bless you!! ;D



  1. omg! geramnye ngn hotel tuh! you know you should've busted in je and find the manager, maybe die la dalang komplot tuh. haha!

    pape pon, nmpk bes nye laaa xD

  2. hahaha ;D how i wish boleh buat cam tu! pagi tu boleh pulak manager dia cuti! nampak sgt tak reti nak tipu. and they're cowards! tak boleh handle customer! ergh! jgn la pergi resort tu if u ever going to terengganu. ;)

    tanx! ;D but, best ape? hehe!

  3. Everything happened for a reason which we are always ignorant about. So, cheer up! Thank Allah for many of his blessings. Think of what we have instead of what we don't...and you'll be the happiest person on earth...Smile!!!


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