All I Ever Wanted

  1. Learn how to ride a horse.
  2. Learn piano.
  3. Learn languages.(Korean perhaps...or French)  =) 
  4. Attend a vocal class. ngee!!~
  5. Learn dancing... probably something like...Pussycat Dolls?? hahah!
  6. Do a makeover (for me of course!!)
  7. Own a house. (Apartment is enough for me)
  8. Own a car.

Yup, something like this. Which...must include buying new make-up stuffs, clothes, shoes..oh you name it!

This is PERFECT! I can imagine myself designing this house, simple, practical yet modern. =)

Who wouldn't want one? 
Nampak gagah perkasa kan?? Like my name, Dayana. ;D

That's all I want. Anybody kind enough to give me all this??

God bless you! ;D


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