I Hurt Myself

Okay. Whatever I want to post this time, I dont care who read it! And I dont care if it came to his knowledge.

I should've have known for whatever I'm doing, I'll have to bear with the consequences. For every action there's a reaction. I feel...sad, and am still trying to swallow my fear that became a reality.

I'm talking random here, and my subject might not be very clear to you, or it'll never be clear to you.

Everytime I listen to 25 mins-MLTR, I'll remember him. But it hurts.

Now, last saturday, I watched Dal Ja's Spring marathon. Dal ja asked Sunju,
How do you when love starts?

Does he makes you happy?
Does he makes you hurt inside??
Does he makes you feel lonely???

And so I reflected those 3 questions to myself..
1. Yes, absolutely! Definitely..
2. Yup! And it hurts so much when he doesnt even remember me..or contact me
3. Hmm...sometimes.

So does that mean I've fallen in love?? Dont think so. He doesnt deserve it. And yet, I let my heart to bleed.
It's amazing though how he just know how to melt one's heart, how to make a girl misses him (cause not only me that miss him, ANOTHER girl also misses him; fine, u wanna say im jealous, I AM! SO WHAT??)
and i kept falling for guys like him. Why?? Weeyyiiii????

Miserable. It's all messed up. By ME! Great. Now I'm hurting myself for every action has its own reaction.


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