How To Dissolve In A Fine Dark Chocolate

Isn't it nice to enjoy a fine...dark chocolate on a gloomy evening? When the clouds shade away the sunshine and giving yet, giving you the warmth sensation to your soul.. aahhhh... there're no words to describe the feeling.

To be honest...
  1. This is NOT my 1st time eating a DARK CHOCOLATE..
  2. I was quite surprised...with the 'tips' given on the chocolate cover on HOW TO EAT/ENJOY a fine dark chocolate..!
  3. And...of course! The tips were really helpful! It really works!!!
For the first time, I felt like I ate a really, truly a fine, dark chocolate in my entire 18 years of life!

So, here we go!

  • A fine dark chocolate delivers a unique experience. Everyone has different taste, hence that is why the flavours delivered is unique. 
  • Take a moment to savour its rich aroma. Smell it. It will help you to heighten your appreciation of the unique flavour.
  • Take one, small bite.
  • Feel...focus on the chocolate that melts in your mouth. 
  • Take a deeeppppp breath...
  • Continue to savour the taste bit by bit.
And may I say..that to experience a sophisticated, intense, complex and luxuriously fine dark chocolate, is not something that youWANT/MIGHT/SHOULD during a hurry.

 And so, people, I wish you all the best in enjoying your fine dark chocolate... and hopefully you will indulge yourself in the experience as it can be a way of releasing stress or a moment that you treasure.

God bless you! ;D

PS: May I suggest that you try Cadbury Bournville Fine Dark's something you'll never regret. Trust me. :)


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