FAKE study, REAL lessons!

hey-lo people!!!


So, I've got news to tell you. (Of course la, otherwise why would I blog at this hour?? haha)
And so...(why la must put so so many times?? nina!!) I've officially "break-up" with my fake lover. hahah Yup, you saw it right, FAKE lover. by right, I shouldn't be sad or regret or grieve over it, I asked for it. Surely I'm bearing with all the consequences.. if I'm feeling it. But still, in this FAKE relationship, I did learn a few things, though to some of you, you might say.. "of course! dont you know that??!" and let me remind you again, I've never been in a REAL relationship before, so bear with me ya? =D

Lesson 1: Relationship is not all about YOURSELF!

You are a couple, not a single anymore. Hence, when you talk bout things, dont just talk about yourself. It's about you AND him/her. Or vice versa. Whatever.

Lesson 2: I dont want a guy who talk 'GREAT' things about him.

Sure you want a smart guy, but not the one yang macam selalu sangat show-off 'KEHEBATAN' diri.
You'd gain more respect if you keep your head low while let others discover your greatness/specialties/abilities/ or whateva!!!

A man is no great when he portrays too much of greatness of him, but a fool. (eheh..trying to sound philosophish..haha)

Lesson 3: Love is about choices you make. But it wont come till its time.

You cant force somebody to love you. Now I know when people say...

"the time will come"            and also..............

"are you SURE he's the one???"

Now I know how to feel or what it feels like to know if he's the one. Particularly, I think, because when you're with a guy, you can tell, 'oh, he's not the one'. Yeah, it depends on how you can smell it. As for me, I can now it from conversations. Sometimes, answer can pretty much reveal your attitude without saying it, or in another word, your true colour. =D I'm not pretty good at explaining things, but I hope you get my point. ;D

Lesson 4: When a guy is into you, he'd want to be with you, always.

Of course! What I'm trying to say is, he'd want to know what you did, what're you doing and possibly try to participate in every single thing that you do so that he can be close to you.


But still, hey, why wont you talk to me? We're still friends dude!

Anyway!! Just a lil sneak peak on my progress...haha

Up till today... I know I've lost a few inch... I can now wear my baju kurung when i was FORM 3!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????? hahah i know la its an old baju...nearly 3 years already maaa....but, yeah, I'm sure you get my point! haha (owh yeah, and my current baju kurung now OBVIOUSLY looks BIG on me!! hahah)

God bless you!


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